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Resource Description Framework (RDF)

The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a language for representing information about resources on the Web.
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What are the Advantages of RDF
Advantages of Using RDF provides some basic information regarding the resource description framework. Learn how RDF fits into the overall concept of a the semantic web.

What is Resource Description Framework (RDF)
Resource Description Framework(RDF) is a system that uses XML to organize and define web resources. Learn the purpose and basic structure of RDF and how it fits into the world of XML.

What are RDF Triples
This article covers the basics of creating descriptions for the resource definition framework. RDF triples provide facts about an item using an XML format.

W3C RDF Primer
If you want to learn about the Resource Description Format (RDF), you should read this primer.

Wikipedia: RDF
An explanation of RDF by Wikipedia.

RDF Tutorial
Once you've walked through the pages of this tutorial you'll understand RDF.

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