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Writng an XML Schema


<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <webwriter_newsletter volume="4" number="6">
 This is the first newsletter I've sent using the new XML-like markup
 from About
 <long_title>Web Writer: XML Books</long_title>
 <meta_title>Web Writer vol 4 number 6</meta_title>
 <meta_description>web writer newsletter</meta_description>
 <meta_keywords>web writer newsletter</meta_keywords>
 <title>Best XML Books</title>
 <linktitle1>XML Books</linktitle1>
 Some of my favorite books on XML cover all the bases, from learning the 
 language, to a reference manual, to a handy pocket book.
 <title>More XML and HTML Resources</title>
 <linktitle1>XML Resource Center</linktitle1>
 Keep up to date with XML and all the articles and information available on this 
 Web site.
 <linktitle2>Beginning HTML Resource Center</linktitle2>
 If XML is beyond you, you can learn more about HTML from this resource center.
 It's not just for beginners, but also for anyone who wants to get the most out 
 of HTML.
 <linktitle3>Writing for the Web</linktitle3>
 Web sites are mostly just images and text, but the prose has a very different 
 style than documents for print. Learn how to write well for Web pages.
 <linktitle4>What to Write About</linktitle4>
 Once you know how to write well for the Web. How do you decide what to 
 write about?
 <title>You Talk Back</title>
 "Is there a simple or even not so simple way in HTML to get a form mailed to me 
 and a thankyou URL to pop up when the submit button is clicked." --BEASILY
 <title>Elsewhere on About</title>
 <linktitle1>Learn Pascal</linktitle1>
 Many computer science students study Pascal as they learn to program. Get 
 help with this newsletter.
 <linktitle2>Put Sound on Your Site</linktitle2>
 Multimedia is very popular on Web sites and the Multimedia Sound Guide
 newsletter helps you get the most out of your music.

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