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SEO Report - Cast Iron Cookware


This is a complimentary SEO report for Cast Iron Cookware. The recommendations in this report are based on my present knowledge of the search engine industry. There is no guarantee that by implementing any or all of the suggestions found here that the page will improve in search engine rankings for the specified keyword phrases.

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Page Information:

Basic SEO Checks:

Basic elements of SEO to fix.

  • Is the keyword phrase good?
    "Cast iron cookware" is a great keyword phrase. The only issue with it is that it's so popular that it might be hard to rank high for it. If you're struggling, you could adjust it a little, as appropriate to something more specific like "enamel cast iron cookware". But only do this if the content matches.

  • Where is the keyword phrase found?
    Title, H1 headline, Image alt text, Emphasized in the text, Link anchor text; With a keyword density of: 1.17%
The phrase is not found in the first HTML paragraph, any sub-headlines (H2, H3, etc.), or the URL.

Advanced SEO Checks:

  • How many links are there to the page?
    It's important to get related sites to link to your site with the keyword phrase you're trying to optimize for.

  • When was the page last modified?
    Pages that are modified with significant content changes do well in search engines, but constant little changes can hurt your ranking.

  • Does the page validate?
    Page does not have valid HTML, CSS, or accessibility.

Negative SEO:

Elements of SEO that can hurt your rank.

  • Hidden content in
    None Good!

  • URLs that are difficult to read
    None Good!

  • Spammer tricks (that could get you banned)
    None Good!

Other SEO Thoughts:

One tricky part about the SEO of this page is that it's laid out with a table. This is not invalid, but it means that the HTML the search engine sees first is the left navigation. You should seriously consider moving to CSS for layout to get that H1 headline and the main text closer to the top of the HTML. Or you could move your navigation column to the right. There isn't a lot of actual text on this page - so adding more keywords to up the density would look bad. I would consider adding a bit more text at the top, but this would then detract from the goal of making sales, so you'll need to weigh the benefits.

Great thoughts about using long tail keywords - but it is difficult to optimize a page for more than one keyword phrase. So you're better off just sticking to a popular term and writing other pages for the other long tail terms.

More SEO Resources - Continue to Optimize the Page:

Most of the suggestions in this report come from the SEO High Priority Checklist and the SEO To Avoid Checklist. You can do even more with SEO through the other checklists and with these articles:

Make Changes then Check Your Ranking

SEO is more of an art than a science. The suggestions provided in this free SEO report are not guaranteed to get you number one placement in any search engine. However, by focusing on good keyword phrases and following the suggestions in this report, you should see an improvement in ranking within a few weeks to months. If you don't, you should continue to work on the page or adjust your keyword phrase.

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