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FTP on the Go

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FTP on the Go

FTP on the Go is a great iPhone app for Web designers

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The Bottom Line

This app may seem expensive compared to the free and dollar apps, but it is well worth the money. I can use this app all the time. In fact, I wrote this review in FTP on the Go!


  • Secure connection to your server
  • Very easy to use
  • More than just FTP - browser, editor, and file storage too


  • None


  • Create bookmarks of the servers you connect to all the time.
  • Connect using secure FTP or standard.
  • Save files to your iPhone and view or edit them.
  • Edit HTML, upload it, and then view your edits in the built-in browser.
  • Change permissions of files on Unix servers.
  • Text editor handles UTF-8 and other encodings.
  • Use your phone as a Web or FTP server itself and transfer files directly to it.
  • Password protect FTP on the Go to secure your sensitive sites.
  • Upload photos right from your phone.
  • View non-text files like images or documents.

Guide Review - FTP on the Go

This is a must-have app for Web designers with an iPhone or iPod touch. With this app you can work on your Web pages anywhere you have your iPhone. I wrote this entire review in the built-in text editor. I transferred the template to my iPod using the Web server. Then I edited the file in the text editor. Finally, I uploaded the file to About.com. I did all this in just one app - FTP on the Go.

Some people might be put off by the price, but this app does the job of at least four separate apps that would each sell for $4 or more:

  • FTP client
  • Text editor
  • Web browser
  • File server

When you think of it that way, FTP on the Go is a great deal. I love this app. I wish the text editor had spell check, but perhaps that's too much to ask of an FTP client.

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