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Sound and Music on Web Pages

Sound and music is one of the easiest ways to add multimedia to your site. With these links, learn to add MIDI files and MP3 to give your site audio.

How to Add Sound to an HTML5 Web Page
Adding sound with HTML5 is very easy. You just save your sound file in a few formats and then use the AUDIO element to play it. This article will teach you how to do it.

Audio File MIME Types
A list of the common sound files and their MIME types for use in embedding sound in Web pages.

How to Play a Sound on Click or on MouseOver
You can use this DHTML script to make a sound play when you mouse over a page element or click a link.

Add Sound to Web Pages
There are many ways to embed sound onto your Web pages, from using the bgsound tag to embedding music to adding sound effects on click and mouseover.

Pros and Cons of Adding Sound to Web Pages
Sound on Web pages can be a contentious issue. Some web designers feel that it should never be used on web pages, while others feel that there is always a use for sound to improve and enhance designs.

How to Embed Sound on a Web Page
Getting music to play on a Web page is much easier than you might think based on how Web editors have been doing it. There are several methods that work but are either not part of the specification or are deprecated. This how to will show you how to add sound to your Web pages in a standards compliant fashion.

How to Add Background Music to Your Web Page
How to add background music to your Web page using the embed element

How to Add Sound in Dreamweaver

How to Add Sound in Expression Web

How to Add Sound in FrontPage

How to Add Sound in GoLive

Learn How to Include Sound on Your Web Pages
Use the bgsound and embed tags to include sound files on your Web page.

Streaming Media RM Files
When you create an .rm file, you are creating a file that can be streamed from a web server to a streaming media client. Learn what you need to get started with streaming media and the .rm files.

How to Stream Media From a Web Server
An easy way to add sound and video to your Web pages.

Audio File MIME Types
A list of the common sound files and their MIME types for use in embedding sound in Web pages.

Poll: Do you have sound on your Web pages?
Find out what others think about using sound on Web pages, and participate in the online poll. If you feel strongly about sound on Web pages leave a comment and let us know how you feel.

Why Is That Thing Beeping? A Sound Design Primer
It is possible to include effective and useful sound on Web pages. This primer explains some of the things you should think about before adding sound to your Web pages. Including why to use sound and what tones and sounds are useful.

The embed tag allows you to place non-HTML content in your web pages. This is the tag definition.

Building RAM Files
The RAM file is the file that tells the user that this is a streaming audio or video file. By linking your RM file in a RAM file it will stream to your customers.

Audio Tag
The audio tag is used to play sound files and streaming sound on web pages. It is an HTML 5 tag.

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