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Web Site Structure

Creating an entire Web site requires more than just the knowledge of HTML. You need to create a Web site that flows and makes it easy for your readers to get to where they want to go.

Types of Web Pages
types of Web pages

Creating a Web Site Structure
Learn how to use Web Site Designer to manage your Web site structure.

Evaluating the Structure of a Web Site (PDF)
If you understand how to evaluate the structure of a Web site, you can improve your own Web site.

Structure of Your Web Site
Don't forget to think about how your directories should be arranged as well as the way the links lead people around your Web site. Structure is important in where the files are located as well.

Web Site Structure
This site recommends that you only have a site structure no more than 3 levels deep (including the home page). I'm not sure that that is so important, but it does provide some good suggestions for how to structure your Web site.

Site File Structure
When you start with a coherent plan for your site structure, your site will benefit and your readers will benefit. Learn how to create a coherent structure for the files on your site so that you can maintain and grow your site more easily.

Page Structure and Site Design
By creating a structure for your web pages, you can help create a more coherent site structure for your readers. Otherwise, your pages are just a collection of documents.

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