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azimuth Description:

The azimuth property defines the location of the sound when the element is read.

azimuth in CSS Versions:

azimuth Syntax:

azimuth: <angle> | [[ left-side | far-left | left | center-left | center | center-right | right | far-right | right-side ] || behind ] | leftwards | rightwards | inherit

  • <angle>
    An angle between -360deg to 360deg. 0deg is directly in the center of the sound-stage, 90deg is to the right, -90deg is to the left, and 180deg is behind.
  • left-side
    270deg. With 'behind', 270deg.
  • far-left
    300deg. With 'behind', 240deg.
  • left
    320deg. With 'behind', 220deg.
  • center-left
    340deg. With 'behind', 200deg.
  • center
    0deg. With 'behind', 180deg.
  • center-right
    20deg. With 'behind', 160deg.
  • right
    40deg. With 'behind', 140deg.
  • far-right
    60deg. With 'behind', 120deg.
  • right-side
    90deg. With 'behind', 90deg.
  • leftwards
    Moves sound to the left relative to the current angle.
  • rightwards
    Moves the sound to the right relative to the current angle.
  • inherit
    The element should have the same azimuth setting as the parent.

azimuth Initial Value:


azimuth Applies To:

All elements.

azimuth Inheritance:

This property is inherited.

azimuth Browser Support:

Not supported by visual browsers.

azimuth media type

  • Aural

azimuth Examples:

Standard azimuth property

<p style="azimuth : right-side;">
 When this paragraph is read, it will heard from the right side.

azimuth Special Notes:

  • The precise method of rendering the sound is up to the user-agent.

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