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font-variant Description:

The font-variant property defines whether the font is normal or small-caps.

font-variant in CSS Versions:

font-variant Syntax:

font-variant: normal | small-caps | inherit

  • normal
    The default standard font, without being small-caps.
  • small-caps
    Displays a version of the font in small-caps.
  • inherit
    The element should have the same font-variant setting as the parent.

font-variant Initial Value:


font-variant Applies To:

All elements.

font-variant Inheritance:

This property is inherited.

font-variant Browser Support:

font-variant Examples:

Italic font style

<p style="font-variant : italic;">
 This paragraph is in italics.
Small-caps font
<p style="font-variant : small-caps;">
 This paragraph is in small-caps.

font-variant Special Notes:

  • Some fonts don't have a small-caps variant and won't be displayed in the browser.

More font-variant Information:

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