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margin-left Description:

The margin-left property defines the left margin of the element.

margin-left in CSS Versions:

margin-left Syntax:

margin-left: <length> | <percentage> | auto

  • length
    A specific length (include unit of measure).
  • percentage
    A percentage of the height of the closest block-level ancestor.
  • auto
    Allows the user-agent to define the margin based on inheritance and pre-set user-agent rules.

margin-left Initial Value:


margin-left Applies To:

All elements.

margin-left Inheritance:

This property is not inherited.

margin-left Browser Support:

margin-left Examples:

standard margin-left

<p style="margin-left : 2em;">
 This paragraph has a 2 em left margin.

margin-left Special Notes:

  • Negative values are permitted, but may be affected by implementation limits.

More margin-left Information:

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