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voice-family Description:

The voice-family property defines a comma-separated, prioritized list of voice family names.

voice-family in CSS Versions:

voice-family Syntax:

voice-family: [ <specific-voice> | <generic-voice> ]* | inherit

  • <specific-voice>
    Values are of specific voices.
  • <generic-voice>
    Values are voice families. Values are:
    • male
    • female
    • child
  • inherit
    The element should have the same voice-family setting as the parent.

voice-family Initial Value:

depends upon the user agent

voice-family Applies To:

All elements.

voice-family Inheritance:

This property is inherited.

voice-family Browser Support:

Not supported by visual browsers.

voice-family media type:

  • Aural

voice-family Examples:

Standard voice-family property

<p style="voice-family : female;">
 This paragraph should be read in a female voice.

voice-family Special Notes:

  • The precise method of rendering the sound is up to the user-agent.

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