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Hopefully by now you have gone through some SVG tutorials or taken the SVG classes available here on About.com. If so, you might be asking yourself how about some SVG editors. Manually coding SVG is tough, but it is always better to learn the basics of a development language first. Once you understand the nuts and bolts, you can move on to finding an editor that works for you. Editors are essential tools, but can be a crutch. If the graphic you design doesn't look quite right, you'll save time by knowing how to tweak it through the code.

Sketsa SVG Editor

Sketsa is a native SVG editor offered by KIYUT. Native means it's only job is to create SVG files. The program works on a Java platform with a stage that looks similar to a traditional drawing application. It comes complete with a tools palette and color wheel. Sketsa is a good choice for those still trying to master the art of SVG. The software offers a toggle that allows you to develop your image on the canvas and then see it in code. You have the ability to export your final graphic to JPG or PNG format if you prefer to use a raster image instead of a SVG document. KIYUT provides an evaluation copy of the software to allow you to try it before buying it.


Inkscape is an open-source editor limited to static images in SVG for Unix, MAC OS or Windows environments. This program offers many of the same features that you find in other editors. The main focus of the screen is the canvas. On the left side you have access to drawing tools and the right a color palette. With Inkscape, you can draw diagrams, flow charts and schematics. Since Inkscape is an open-source project, you can expect some kinks that should resolve themselves with new releases.

Oxygen XML Editor

If you don't mind paying for an application, then the Oxygen XML editor does have SVG capabilities. One obvious advantage to this approach is that this editor is not native to SVG. This means you are buying a complete package that will aid is coding all forms of XML. Oxygen provides a standalone viewer as part of their design platform. This provides you with the opportunity to see your finished work in action. If you want the chance to play around with the Oxygen editor prior to making a purchase, the company allows for a 30-day trial period.

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