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Are the classes on About Web Design / HTML really free?


Question: Are the classes on About Web Design / HTML really free?

The free classes on my site really are free. Any costs you incur would be from:

  • your Internet access
  • the software you choose to use (there are lots of free software tools available)
  • your computer itself

The only cost incurred directly by the class is the time it takes you to read and do the lessons.

How Can They be Free?

The classes are paid for through advertising. Each lesson will come via email and the messages may have ads within them, or a separate advertising email may arrive outside of the regular coursework. This is to help cover the costs of the classes.

Each lesson also links to one or more Web pages. And those Web pages are supported through advertising as well. They will all have advertising on them.

If you are particularly impressed with the class, clicking on the advertisements can help cover the costs as well, but you should never feel obligated to follow an advertising link on the About Web Design / HTML site. The advertising is there for your benefit as well, to let you know of new offers and features.

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