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Visualize Font Sizes in Pixels, Points, and Ems

This is a chart that shows you the conversion of pixels to points to ems and how they look. Note, if you've set your default font size larger or smaller than normal, the ems will display relative to your set size.

These conversions are approximate and will differ depending upon browser, operating system, and font family.

Pixels Points Ems
8px Font 6pt Font 0.5em Font
9px Font 7pt Font 0.55em Font
10px Font 7.5pt Font 0.625em Font
11px Font 8pt Font 0.7em Font
12px Font 9pt Font 0.75em Font
13px Font 10pt Font 0.8em Font
14px Font 10.5pt Font 0.875em Font
15px Font 11pt Font 0.95em Font
16px Font 12pt Font 1.0em Font
17px Font 13pt Font 1.05em Font
18px Font 13.5pt Font 1.125em Font
19px Font 14pt Font 1.2em Font
20px Font 14.5pt Font 1.25em Font
21px Font 15pt Font 1.3em Font
22px Font 16pt Font 1.4em Font
23px Font 17pt Font 1.45em Font
24px Font 18pt Font 1.5em Font
26px Font 20pt Font 1.6em Font
29px Font 22pt Font 1.8em Font
32px Font 24pt Font 2.0em Font
35px Font 26pt Font 2.2em Font
36px Font 27pt Font 2.25em Font
37px Font 28pt Font 2.3em Font
38px Font 29pt Font 2.35em Font
40px Font 30pt Font 2.45em Font
42px Font 32pt Font 2.55em Font
45px Font 34pt Font 2.75em Font
48px Font 36pt Font 3.0em Font

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