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Browser Support for Video Codecs and Containers

Choose the Correct Combination to Get Your Video Seen

You can use the video tag in HTML 5 to embed videos directly into your Web pages. But you need to make sure you embed at least two different encodings because not all browsers support the same ones.

Browser Theora (video) Vorbis (audio) Ogg (container) H.264 (video) AAC (audio) MP4 (container)
Firefox 3.5 yes no
Opera 10.5 yes no
Chrome 3.0 yes yes
Safari 3 and 4 no yes (H.264 main profile)
iPhone and Android no yes (H.264 baseline profile and AAC low complexity profile)
Flash 9 no yes - when converted to an FLV or F4V file
Internet Explorer 7 and 8* no no

* Internet Explorer does not support the <video> HTML 5 tag. To add video to IE, you need to include a Flash fallback option.

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