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How to Use HTML 5 to Display Video in Modern Browsers


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Convert the Video to Ogg for Firefox

The first format we will convert to is Ogg (sometimes called Ogg-Theora). This format is one that Firefox 3.5, Opera 10.5, and Chrome 3 can all view.

Unfortunately, while Ogg has browser support, many of the well-known video programs that you can buy (Adobe Media Encoder, QuickTime, etc.) don't offer an ogg conversion option. So the only way to convert your video to Ogg is to find a conversion program on the Web.

Conversion Options

There is an online tool called Media-Convert that claims to convert various formats of video (and audio) into other video (and audio) formats. When I tried it with my 3 second test video I couldn't get it to work on my Mac. But you may have better luck. This site has the benefit of being free.

Some other tools I found include:

Once you have your video saved in the Ogg format, save it to a location on your website and go to the next page to convert it to other formats for other browsers.

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