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Texture - Basic Elements of Design


What is Texture in Design:

Texture is what gives a design the feeling of a surface. It is the tactile sense of the elements in the design. In Web design, texture is visual, but it provides the illusion of physical texture. Some common textures are:

  • rough
  • smooth
  • hard
  • soft

Use of Texture in Design:

Texture in Web design can be used in many ways:

  • backgrounds
  • emphasis
  • stylized designs like engravings or etchings

How to Include Texture in Web Designs:

The most common way to incorporate texture into Web designs is with the background-image style property. You can put background images on most block-level elements, which allows you to add texture throughout your Web pages.

Don't forget that even things you don't put backgrounds on can have or approximate texture. For example, any images you have will have texture within the images. And the combination of elements on a page can combine together to look textured.

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