1. Technology

Web Design and Development Mailing Lists

Mailing lists about HTML and the Web Development profession are an excellent way to stay current. Many come in digest form so your mail box isn't overwhelmed.

Web Design/HTML Newsletter
The Web Design/HTML newsletter offers you weekly tips on HTML and Web Design as well as help building your site and a good overview of the Web Design/HTML @ About Web site.

HTTP Working Group Mailing List
This is the archive of the HTTP-wg list. Send subscription requests to http-wg-request@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com with subscribe http-wg in the body of the message.

W3C World Wide Web Mailing Lists
This is a list of mailing lists and how to subscribe to them that the W3C provides.

Web4Lib Electronic Discussion
This is a mailing list for discussing the creation and maintenance of library-based Web servers and clients.

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