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vista print - Web Hosting Customer Review

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The Bottom Line

Customer Review by LG - who used this hosting company for 4-12 months when this review was written on January 19, 2010.


  • Inexpensive
  • easy to use
  • shopping cart available
  • Free items from their printing service such as business cards, banners, etc.


  • Cannot edit HTML, cannot add metatags,cannot add third party html, cannot edit sitemap
  • Cannot add anything of value to growing your business such as Google Analytics
  • Limited customizing of website template
  • You have to pay to be allowed to let your site be noticed by search engines


  • Price: $1-$10 per month
  • Type of Provider: Standard Web Hosting
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Server Software: No
  • Analytics / Statistics Yes

Guide Review - vista print - Web Hosting Customer Review

Description - Services Provided

VP is easy to use & I haven't had any issues with reliability or tech support. My biggest gripe about VP is that you can't edit your html. This is quite limiting because it means you can't add Google Analytics, search engine meta tags, can't edit sitemap, basically any html additions that would be good for your website are not allowed. They do offer a site traffic report but it only updates every 48 hours and doesn't give you any flexibility to see more than total pages visited, referring site a

Other Comments

If you just have simple needs and don't need to edit your html VP is ok but if you need more detailed reporting and editing options look elsewhere.


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