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Web Programming - PHP, ASP, CGI, Databases

There are many programming languages available to Web developers. And by learning languages like ASP, PHP, or Perl CGI, you can make your Web pages more interactive. The links and resources on this page will help you become a better Web programmer.
  1. SSI - Server Side Includes
  2. ASP and .Net (6)
  3. CGI (82)
  4. ColdFusion (6)
  5. Databases (12)
  6. Java (7)
  7. Perl (4)
  8. PHP (4)
  9. Python (6)
  10. Web Programming Glossary (5)

Professional Web Programmers - Resources
Professional Web Programmers and Developers often work on the less visible side of the Web - they create the CGI programs and scripts that make things like DHTML and forms work.

What is an IDE and Do You Need an IDE to Build Web Applications?
Many programmers who move from desktop software to web applications often use an IDE or integrated development environment to create their web applications. But is an IDE required to do web development? Learn more about what an IDE is and how they are used.

How to Install WAMP
Building Web pages in PHP with a MySQL database can be challenging, but if you set up a test server on your local hard drive, you'll be able to test your changes before you push them live. This article explains how to install Apache, MySQL, and PHP on a Windows machine using the WAMP installer AppServ.

Installing a Guestbook - Build Your Own
Find out what your readers think of your site with a guestbook. Learn how to host your own guestbook on your Web server using CGI.

How to Use the HTTP Referer
Adjust how your pages look and act based on who visits them by using the HTTP referer.

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