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Adobe Muse is a WYSIWYG editor designed to make it easy to design, create, and deploy websites without knowing or needing any knowledge of HTML, CSS, or scripting. It generates HTML5 and CSS3 compatible websites that you design using tools similar to other Adobe products you are already familiar with. It includes a lot of pre-built features that you can simply install right in your pages and then modify to act as you like. For example, you use the sitemap tool to plan your website, and then by dragging a navigation menu onto your page, the pages in your sitemap will be automatically added to your menu. I created a dynamic HTML drop-down menu in Muse in about three minutes — and most of that time was spent trying to figure out what colors I wanted to use.

Muse also has features that are useful for freelance web designers. You can build a site for a client in Muse, and then upload it to Adobe's web hosting service Business Catalyst, and tell Adobe to bill your clients directly for the hosting. You can also publish your pages to Adobe in test mode, and send your clients a URL to view it live (but not public). I found it very easy to get started designing sites that have advanced features like rounded corners, glow and drop shadow effects, and more.

Adobe Muse 2.0 came out on August 20, 2012, and Adobe have added a number of new features that make it a nice WYSIWYG no-code editor.

  • Built-in support for contact forms (using Business Catalyst)
  • Link to downloadable files like PDFs
  • Auto-generated sitemaps
  • Improved HTML5 and CSS3 output
  • There is also now a version of Adobe Muse available in Japanese

Target Market(s): Small Business Owners, Web Designers
Adobe Muse is especially useful for web designers who run their own design firm. It does not include built-in templates so it's better for designers who already have an idea of how they want their site to look.

Review last updated: August 21, 2012.

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These web editors, like Muse, offer hosting along with the web editor. Most of these products are online editors, Muse is a downloadable product. And they all require a subscription fee. But all editors like this can be useful, especially if you don't want to learn HTML and CSS to build web pages.

Adobe Muse Latest Review

Adobe Muse Version: 2.0
Score: 185
Percent: 55.2% (score based on no-code editor comparison)
This score was generated using the methodology listed in the article: Finding the Perfect Web Editor.

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Adobe Muse Technical Details

Operating System(s): Windows Macintosh

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Full price: $14.99 per month with one year plan or free with Creative Cloud membership ($49.99 per month)

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Web Easy Pro, Member THEFACTS

TERRIBLE Run from this product. It has no support for it. It is cheap because people buy it and get frustrated and place the disc on the shelf and plan on dealing with it later. The WORST !!!!!!!!!!!…More

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