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WYSIWYG Editor and Quasi-CMS for Windows and Macintosh

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Contribute CS5

Contribute CS5

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About Contribute

Contribute is a WYSIWYG editor for people who have no interest or need to learning HTML. It can connect directly to a blog to give you more editing features or to an existing website to manage the pages there. Contribute works best when working with a site created using <a href="http://webdesign.about.com/od/dreamweaverhowtos/ig/Create-a-Dreamweaver-Template/">Dreamweaver templates. Contribute also provides version control and authoring information that is not included in Dreamweaver. Contribute can also edit XML files and has built-in ecommerce functions to add simple shopping carts and stores to your website.

Target Market(s): Small business owners or Newcomers to Design

Review last updated: October 26, 2011.

Contribute Latest Review

Contribute Version: CS5
Score: 137
Percent: 41%
This score was generated using the methodology listed in the article: Finding the Perfect Web Editor.

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Contribute Technical Details

Operating System(s): Windows Macintosh

Contribute Features

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • XML validator
  • Page preview
  • Alternate browser or OS preview
  • Wireless device preview
  • Save pages as HTML with DTD
  • Write XHTML documents
  • FTP or Site manager
  • FTPs or Secure FTP
  • Search and replace
  • Edit images
  • Connects to graphics software
  • Multimedia functions
  • Assistance with adding videos to websites
  • Save Adobe AIR files
  • Special character tools
  • Can edit PHP, ASP, or JSP
  • Edit XML and/or RSS
  • Spell checking
  • Writes to blogs
  • Free templates
  • Ecommerce tools
  • Version control
  • Support for teams editing the site (beyond version control)
  • Free trial
  • Upgrade discounts or freeware
  • No limits on free or trial version
  • No subscription fee required
  • Photo gallery templates, but no automatic builder

What’s Missing from Contribute

  • Text editor
  • HTML validator
  • Accessibility validator
  • CSS validator
  • Mobile scripts, functions, or links
  • Create mobile web applications
  • Package mobile apps for delivery on app stores
  • Write HTML 5 documents
  • Color coding
  • Tag completion
  • Extended search and replace (across multiple documents)
  • Edit multiple files/tabbed file editing
  • Ability to add video and audio using HTML5 with fallback options
  • Save files as PDF
  • Link checker
  • Can edit JavaScript
  • Helps with Ajax JSON, or jQuery pages
  • Can edit CSS
  • Additional CSS assistance
  • CSS 3 properties and selectors
  • CSS3 media queries tools built-in
  • Dynamic page rendering and editing with server-side programming languages (PHP, JSP, ASP, CFM, etc.)
  • Database connectivity
  • Google sitemaps
  • Save snippets of code
  • Free scripts
  • Form wizard
  • Photo gallery builder
  • SEO assistance built-in
  • Captcha support or other methods of protecting forms
  • Customizable or extendable

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Full price: $199.00 Upgrade price: $99.00

Free trial for 30 days.

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