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XHTML - Extensible HTML and the Future of HTML

XHTML is a repurposing of HTML in XML format. It is Extensible HTML. XHTML provides more structure to your markup with style and layout being left to style sheets.
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HTML vs. XHTML - How to Convert HTML to XHTML
With only 6 simple steps you can convert an HTML document into an XHTML document

HTML Tags, HTML Codes, HTML References - Resources for Writing and Using HTML
HTML tags help you write HTML, HTML codes help you use special characters, and HTML references provide additional tools and resources at your fingertips. These are essential tools for every Web developer.

HTML Tags That Define Semantic Meaning
HTML is moving towards tags that only define the type of content they contain, and not the look and feel. The function of the content is more important than the form. And there are some HTML elements that define more than just the look and feel of

Why are There Different Versions of HTML?
If you understand what the different versions of HTML mean you'll have an easier time writing HTML or XHTML that meets your needs and displayed correctly.

Rewriting the Web Design Site with Web Standards
Learn how to take a site that is completely non-standard HTML and convert it to XHTML. Converting a site from HTML to XHTML reduces the file size as well as makes it standards compliant.

Well Formed XHTML and XML
Creating well formed XHTML and XML documents is crucial if you expect your documents to be readable by XML processors and browsers.

Creating Well Formed XHTML
Just because it's HTML doesn't mean it can't be well-formed.

Converting Web Sites to XHTML+CSS: Why Go Through All the Work?
Many Web designers have been building pages for years, either by hand or with an editor, and the idea of converting their site(s) to XHTML+CSS is daunting at best. This article looks at the issue of conversion and shows the pros and cons for converting, so you can make your own decision.

Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
What is the future of HTML? The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group is thinking about this and making suggestions.

Web Applications 1.0 - HTML 5
This is a working draft of what the whatwg would like to submit to the W3C as HTML 5. It introduces features to the DOM to ease authoring of Web-based applications.

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