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XML Notepad

XML Notepad

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XML Notepad is an XML editor that you can use to edit XHTML documents. XML Notepad requires .Net Framework.

Target Market(s): XML Developers or Professional Web Developers

Review last updated: October 19, 2010.

XML Notepad Latest Review

XML Notepad Version: 2007
Score: 90
Percent: 29%

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XML Notepad Technical Details

Operating System(s): Windows


  • Text editor
  • XML validator
  • Save pages as XHTML with DTD
  • Color coding
  • Search and replace
  • Special character tools
  • Additional CSS assistance
  • Edit XML and/or RSS
  • No limitation (beyond a possible time limit) on sites/pages built with the free trial
  • Does not require subscription
  • Will validate XHTML or other XML when a valid DTD is attached to the document

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XML CAM Editor v2.3, Member xmlorb

Very simple to create XML structures from scratch, then generate schema, models, XML examples with live data from SQL data store.For more sophisticated needs can import and manipulate existing XSD sc…More

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