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Free XML Editors from Syntext, Microsoft and First Objective Sofware

Free XML Editors


In the land of design, free programs are limited, and reliable applications can get pricey. This is true for almost anything you want to do on a computer. So when the opportunity presents to take advantage of free, you should get while you can. Let’s examine some of the offerings by Syntext, Microsoft, and First Objective for building viable code with a no cost XML editor.

Serna Free – Open Source XML Editor

Serna Free XML Editor
Syntext, Inc.

Serna is a WYSIWYG editor produced by Syntext that goes beyond the norm. Like most XML editors, Serna begins with the classic split screen and works exclusively in a WYSIWYG style. It will take some practice to get used to the interface, but once you understand the basic tools, creating your document is straightforward. This is an editor for someone who has a clear understanding of XML technology and looking for a shortcut. Newcomers need to understand the basics of valid XML before attempting to work within the Serna environment.

XML Notepad

XML Notepad
Microsoft Corporation

XML Notepad is Microsoft’s contribution to the XML editor forum. Based in class on the popular text editor dispensed with Windows operating systems, Notepad, the XML module offers a semi WYSIWYG design. The tree view and text view are color coded and use bold shapes to identify the elements and their family relationships for XPath navigation. Overall, Microsoft’s XML Notepad is not a terrible choice for those with a basic understanding of XML. Additionally, the program helps design and produce XSL style sheets to accompany the XML information and create an output stream.


First Objective Software, Inc

First Objective Software Inc. produces a free editor that works as an advanced text editor . FOXE offers some basic tools for authoring code but does not delve too far into styling. The program does provide some inherent code that allows you to navigate files, define XPath information and split documents. This is a decent choice for those learning to take baby steps in XML production. The tree view and embedded scripts make FOXE a better choice than a standard text editor, but the program still makes you work to learn  to write effective XML.

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