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Web Design / HTML: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 10 Best Free Web Editors for Macintosh
If you’re looking for a free HTML editor for Macintosh you will find the best ones on this list. There are both text and WYSIWYG editors available and these are great if you don’t want to spend money on your HTML editor.
Web Editors Should be Free - Find the Best for...
If you’re looking for a free HTML editor for Windows you will find the 10 best ones on this list. There are both text and WYSIWYG editors available and these are great if you don't want to spend money on your HTML editor.
HTML Codes - Special Characters - ASCII Table
HTML codes to put ASCII special characters on your Web page.
The Cheapest SSL Certificates
SSL certificates are generaly fairly expensive, but there are some less expensive options, and if you want your customers to be secure on your site, using an SSL certificate that is signed by a reputable certificate authority is important.
The em element provides emphasis for the enclosed text.
How to Center Anything with CSS
CSS is the best way to center anything on your web page. Learn how to center text, images, and anything else on your web pages.
How to Add Strong Emphasis to Web Text with the...
Learn how to add strong or bold emphasis to HTML text. The STRONG Tag provides stronger emphasis for the enclosed text.
How to Build a Website
Learn how to build a website in 7 steps. Building a website can be a challenging proposition, but there are only 7 things you need to do to get your website up and running.
Using Tabs in HTML - The Tab Character
Using a tab character in HTML can be tricky, as web browsers don't recognize tabs as anything different from other white space characters like space and return. This quick tip will explain how you can get the effect of a tab character on your pages.
MIME Types by Content Type
You use MIME types to define the type of link, object, and script and style elements. This is a list of the different MIME type definitions you can use in order by the content they define.
How to Use Multiple CSS Classes on a Single...
One of the more useful tricks with CSS is the fact that with modern browsers you can use multiple CSS classes on one element to add styles as you need them. Learn how easy it is to add multiple classes to elements.
How Much Should a Web Design Cost
There are a lot of variables to consider when coming up with a budget for your new website (or for a redesign). Learn what to consider in determining your budget for a website design.
What is the Meta Refresh Tag?
Learn how to use the meta refresh tag to reload a page, or force your readers to a new page. This article also explains some of the drawbacks to this tag and what you can use instead.
What does !important mean in CSS?
An explanation of the !important property as used in CSS or Cascading Style Sheets
Iframes and CSS
Learn how to use CSS with iframes. You can style both the iframe itself or the contents within it. This article explains how to use CSS to style iframes.
Make Things Fade In and Out with CSS3
Learn how to use CSS3 properties to create fading effects on your images, buttons and more.
How do you set the height of an element to 100%?
When you set a relative height on an element, it doesn't always change the height. For example, you might want a layout element to take up the full height of the browser window, but if you make this simple mistake, the height will only be as long as the text inside it. Find out why.
Lists Can Improve Your Web Writing Immeasurably
Learn how to use lists to outline and organize your web page content. Lists make web pages much easier to read.
What is the index.html page?
index.html pages are the default pages for your directories. This tutorial explains how to use them.
HTML for Facebook
Facebook notes allow you to put HTML on your Facebook page. But you can't use every HTML tag out there. Find out what HTML tags work in Facebook notes, and how you can use them in your notes. Learn how to use HTML in your Facebook Notes.
How To Use PHP to Force a File Download
Use PHP and the Content-disposition HTTP header to force files to download that would normally open in the Web browser.
How To Comment CSS
Add comments to your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make them easier to maintain.
Why You Should Try Komodo Edit
Komodo Edit is the open source edition of Komodo IDE. It is not as powerful as the full IDE, but it is very easy to use for developers who are familiar with typing in their HTML manually. It offers the features you need without a lot of extras. This is my favorite editor. Read more about Komodo Edit including where to download it for free.
The definition of the Web term domain.
Style the HR Tag
Learn how to use CSS to style the HR tag. If you want to divide sections of your HTML, one way to do it is with the HR tag. But this tag can be really ugly if you don't style it. Learn how to use CSS to style your HR tags.
How to Create a Background Image that Scales...
Learn how to use the CSS3 property browser-size to add background images to your designs that scale to fit the window, whether the window is small or large.
The 10 Best Windows WYSIWYG Editors
WYSIWYG editors are HTML editors that attempt to display the Web page as it will show on the browser. They are visual editors, and you don’t manipulate the code directly. Some HTML WYSIWYG editors also include a text editor, while others are purely WYSIWYG.
How To Float an Image to the Left of Text
It's easy to float an image to the left using the float property in CSS.
How To Wrap Text Around an Image
Using CSS or basic HTML you can place your images on a page and then wrap the text around them. This tutorial explains how easy it is to wrap text around a photo or image.
X-UA-Compatible Meta Tag
Learn more about the X-UA-Compatible meta tag. When should you use the X-UA-Compatible meta tag. How the X-UA-Compatible meta tag is used.
Absolute and Relative Paths
Learn how to link to pages and images using full domains, absolute and relative paths.
Learn to Find the URL of a Web Page
Getting a page to the web hosting provider can be somewhat challenging for a beginner, but then trying to figure out where that page is going to show up on the web can be even worse. Learn how to figure out what the URL of a web page will be once you've uploaded it.
How Do you Stretch a Background Image in a Web...
Stretching a background image seems like something that would be fairly easy to do, but until CSS 3 properties are more widely supported, we have to use a workaround.
How To Restart an Apache Web Server
If your Linux Apache Web server is started, you can stop and restart it with just a couple of steps.
How To Create a Download Link
Most of the time, when you link to something on a web page, the web browser will open it in the browser window. But there are ways to get the browser to start a download instead. This article gives you two ways to create a download link.
What is the Difference Between Web Design and...
Many people use the terms web design and web development interchangeably, but in reality they are different paths on the web professional job spectrum. A web designer has a different skill set than a web developer and often these two jobs have very different responsibilities. If you are applying for a job as a web designer or web developer, you should be aware of the differences so that you don't apply for a job you're not qualified for.
95 SEO Tips and Tricks to Skyrocket Your...
Ninety-five things you should and should not be doing on your Web pages to make them rank higher in search engines. This list looks at more than just meta tags and the basics of SEO, so even if you've got some of the factors, you may not have everything. Scroll to the end of the list to look at the things you should never be doing, as well as the things you should always do at the top.
Mailto Links Let Your Customers Email You
Mailto links are an easy way to connect your customers to your website. This article explains how to build mailto links.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Punctuation...
HTML codes to put Punctuation characters on your Web page.
How to Insert a Link on Your Web Page
How to add links and images to your Web site - this page discusses how to add links and anchors and bookmarks
Show and Hide Blocks of Text with CSS and...
Learn how to use DHTML to toggle the visibility of an HTML element so that it shows and hides when your customer clicks on a link. This is a simple DHTML function using two lines of CSS and four lines of JavaScript.
How to Add an RSS Feed to a Web Page
Once you've built an RSS feed for your website, you'll want to connect it to the site with a link tag. It's best if you link the RSS off every page of your site, but you can also link it from just one or two pages - for instance, the pages that most make sense for that feed.
Check Out Microsoft's WebMatrix Text Web Page...
Microsoft Microsoft WebMatrix is a tool to allow web developers to advance their knowledge of building full websites and web applications by making it easy to create a site and add features like blogs, ecommerce, galleries, wikis and more. At its heart it is a text HTML editor, but it can be extended fairly easily.
How To Add a PDF File to a Website
Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a great way to display documents that need to be printable, but might be too complex for a Web page. Learn how easy it is to include a PDF file on your site.
Using @import in Cascading Style Sheets
@import rules with cascading style sheets allows you to import external style sheets into your CSS
Use CSS to Change Font Color in 2 Minutes or Less
It's easy to change the font color with one simple CSS style property.
Top 10 Tips for Creating a Great Web Page
Ten helpful tips for creating better, more useful web pages.
Is .COM Really Better than .NET or .US?
Once you've chosen a domain name, you need to decide what top-level domain to use. Should it be a .com, .org, .net, .us or what? What are the advantages to .com versus .biz and so on. Which top-level domains (TLD) will help your company and which won't.
9 Steps to Center Web Page Text and Images
This article for beginning web developers will help you learn how to use the DIV tag and CSS to center text and images on your pages.
HTTP Status Codes
The HTTP status codes are messages that the server returns when processing a request for a Web document. These messages include the standard 404 error message for a page not found through more obscure messages like 101 Switching protocols. This document explains the various error messages.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Currency -...
HTML codes to put currency characters on your Web page.
RGB to Hexadecimal Color Codes Chart
RGB to Hexadecimal Color Codes Chart Convert RGB to hexadecimal using this conversion chart This table
How to Force Internet Explorer to View a Page...
Internet Explorer 7 introduced a new feature to the browser - quirks mode. This mode would be enabled when the web designer of a page did not use a DOCTYPE declaration. Then, when Internet Explorer 8 came out, it was much more standards compliant than previous versions of IE. So Microsoft created the compatibility view to allow designers to wait on re-writing their websites for web standards and instead have IE 8 render the pages as IE 7 had in the past. This is called compatibility view.
How to Create Print-Friendly Web Pages with CSS
Learn how easy it is to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) media types to define a printer-friendly page without actually building one.
Free WYSIWYG Web Editors for Windows
The most useful and usable free WYSIWYG HTML editors for Windows
6 Great Tools for Converting PDF to HTML
If you have a PDF document that you want to put on a web page, you can post it to the web as a PDF, but sometimes you want it to be a real HTML web page. These PDF to HTML converters will help.
A Quick Beginner's Guide to the HTML Download Tag
An HTML download tag would be very useful to set up links for people to download files. But while there isn't a specific HTML download tag, there are ways to create downloadable files and links on your website so that your readers can download your files to their computer.
Why don't my images show on my Web page?
Beginning Web designers often put images on their Web pages but when they view their pages online, the images do not display. There are several possible causes of this problem and several solutions.
Targeting Links in HTML IFrames and Frames
When you add an iframe to your page or build a framset web page in HTML 4, you need to know where the links are going to open. The target attribute on links tells the browser where to open the link. This article will also teach you how to use target keywords _parent, _self, _top, and _blank to open links in specific locations.
HTML Language Codes - XHTML Language Codes -...
ISO 639-1 standard language codes for use in XHTML and HTML.
Contrasting Foreground and Background Colors -...
Contrasting Foreground and Background Colors Visualize How the Colors Display Contrast is an important
The SPAN and DIV HTML Elements
The SPAN and DIV tags are extremely useful with CSS style sheets to layout and manage your pages. Learn how these two tags work and how you can use them on your site.
Why Should You Secure a Website?
HTTPS or HTTP over SSL is a way to encrypt data sent and received over the Web so that monetary and other sensitive transactions are secure. If you are going to run a store on your Web site and collect credit card or other monetary data, you should use an HTTPS secured server so that the data is secure.
Absolute vs. Relative - Explaining CSS...
Positioning elements with CSS can be very challenging, as there is more to it than just tacking elements to the page. One of the most confusing parts is the concept of absolute and relative positioning and why you need this propery to achieve CSS positioning.
Want to Make Glow Effects with CSS3? Here's How
CSS3 box shadows give you the ability to create outer glow effects that used to have to be done with Photoshop or another graphics program. This tutorial shows you how to create an outer glow on an element using CSS3 and no images.
How to Check Your Search Position in Google
Finding out where your site ranks in Google can be tricky. There are many websites that claim that they can tell you where your page shows up in Google search results for your keyword phrase, but most of these sites are unreliable and produce questionable results.
How to Add Internal Lines in a Table
When you use CSS to add borders to tables, it only adds the border around the outside of the table. If you want to add internal lines, you need to add borders to the interior CSS elements. Or you can use the HR tag to add lines inside individual cells. Learn how to add internal lines inside a table with CSS.
Special Characters for Mathematics - Math Symbols
HTML codes to put Mathematics characters on your Web page.
What is SEO Friendly Content
Search engine optimization or SEO is all about what words are on your page. If you don't have the words, you can't optimize for that term in a search engine. So writing content becomes very important if you're going to optimize for search engine keywords.
Z-Index in CSS
Learn how to control the stacking order of your positioned elements with the CSS property: z-index. Positioning elements with CSS can sometimes result in elements overlapping one another. With z-index you can control what element displays on top, in the middle, and on the bottom.
Comments on Comments
HTML comments allow you to write notes about the code, hide old information, and hold reminders on the page. Comments are not seen by the people viewing the page, but they show up in the HTML code.
The Top 10 Skills Every Web Designer Should Have
Web designer job skills list. These are the skills that you should have in order to be a Web designer or Web developer.
Spaces in HTML
Adding spaces in HTML doesn't always result in spaces added to the web page. Learn how to add spaces in HTML that show up in your web designs.
What dates are quarterly estimated taxes due...
In the United States, freelancers and people who are self-employeed need to file estimated taxes at least quarterly to avoid penalties. And the IRS has specific dates that you need to file by. Learn what those dates are for the current year.
ASCII HTML Codes - HTML Special Characters in...
HTML codes to put ASCII special characters on your Web page.
Adding Images and Uploading Them to Your Web...
Learn how to upload an image to your web hosting server and then point to it so that it shows up on your web page.
How do I set an image as a background for a...
It's easy to set a background image on a table so that the table contents display above the image.
Sample Page for Iframe
Sample Page for Iframe This is a simple page that is to be included in an iframe. This page has no styles
Five Excellent HTML Editors for iPad
There are a lot of iPad apps to choose from and while it can be tempting to just watch movies and read books on your iPad, it is possible to do work on them too. These five editors let you edit web pages right from your iPad without needing a laptop or other intermediate step.
How to Play a Sound When Someone Clicks Your Page
One way to make your web pages more interesting is to make them respond audibly when customers interact with them. This article will teach you how to make a sound when an element is clicked or even just moused over by your customers.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for French -...
HTML codes to put French characters on your Web page.
Simple Way to Center a Table Using CSS
Using CSS it's easy to center a table within the Web page.
How to Detect Mobile Devices
Learn how to use various techniques to detect mobile devices and send them a style sheet written for them or to a completely different Web page.
What's the difference between display: none and...
These properties may seem like they do the same thing, but they actually act differently.
How To View the HTML Source in Safari
Viewing the HTML source is one of the easiest ways to learn how someone did something on a web page. And imitation of HTML source is a great way to learn HTML. This how to shows how to view the source in Safari.
MIME Types by File Extension
A list of MIME types by the file extension.
How to Create a Simple Shopping Cart with PayPal
Paypal makes it easy to turn any website into an ecommerce site. You can create a shopping cart or buy now button easily, and all you need is a Paypal account. This article will take you through the steps to create a Paypal shopping cart with HTML and through the Paypal interface.
Searching Your Site
Once you have more than 10 pages on your Web site, you'll want to add search to the site. These tools can help you add search to your Web site for free.
What is CSS?
Before you can use Cascading Style Sheets, you need to understand what they are and what they are for.
Best Free Web Log Analysis Tools
There are a lot of Web log analysis tools out there, and many are free. This is a list of some of the best free log analysis and Web analytics tools available.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Greek -...
HTML codes to put Greek characters on your Web page.
Looking for a Free Domain Name? Here's How to...
When you're building a website, one of the expenses you'll need to cover is a domain name. It is possible to get the domain registration for free in a few situations. Learn how to get a free domain name for your website.
How do you change the background color of a...
Changing the background color of a table is as simple as adding one attribute on the cell, row, or table you want colored.
Add Image Captions in 9 Easy Steps
Putting a caption on an image can be a useful feature when you want to describe the image, but getting it to stay with the image can be challenging. Learn how to use some HTML and CSS to create a nice looking caption that stays right below your image.
5 Great Tools for Converting HTML to PDF
These are 5 tools you can use to convert HTML pages to PDF files. There are online ones and offline, free, subscription, and paid services. Whether you need to convert one page to PDF or an entire website, there is a tool here you can use to convert your HTML to PDF files.
Grouping CSS Selectors
Grouping CSS selectors allows you to style multiple elements with the same look and feel without needing to add additional attributes like IDs or classes to your HTML.
How To Float an Image to the Right of Text
It's easy to float an image to the right using the float property in CSS.
Let Folks Sign Your Site By Installing a...
Find out what your readers think of your site with a guestbook. Learn how to add a remotely hosted guestbook, or host your own.
HTML Editors
HTML editors make it easy to write web pages. While it is possible to write a web page using just the text editor on your computer, most web designers find that it is much more efficient to use an HTML editor. HTML editors give you features that aren't usually available in plain text editors. And the About.com Web Design / HTML site has the most comprehensive list of HTML editors available. I have reviewed every HTML editor available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux and evaluated them against a set of criteria valuable to web designers and web developers. If you're looking for an HTML editor, you've come to the right place.
Learn how to use iframes on web pages
SeaMonkey Profile
SeaMonkey is a text editor WYSIWYG editor for Windows Macintosh Linux or UNIX. It is best suited to Newcomers to Web Design.
How to Add a Google Map to Your Web Page
Learn how to add a Google map or several maps to your web page with markers to help your customers find your location. The first step is to get a Google Maps API key.
Visual Color Symbolism Chart by Culture
Visual Color Symbolism Chart by Culture What Different Colors Mean in Different Cultures By Jennifer
A description of the CSS property font-smooth
Aptana Studio Profile
Aptana Studio is a powerful IDE that will help you write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and many other languages. It is best suited for web developers, but anyone interested in learning the code behind Rich Internet Applications would benefit from using Aptana.
Sample Tables with CSS
Sample Tables with CSS Examples of How to Modify Tables with CSS A Standard Table with Head and Body
Correct Usage of P and BR Tags
Learn to use the two basic text formatting tags - p for paragraphs and br for line breaks - well
Understanding CSS Float
This article will help you learn how to use the CSS float property. If you understand how to use the CSS float property, you'll have a lot more control over how your web pages are laid out and you can more easily join the ranks of CSS designers everywhere.
How to Create a Rollover Image in Dreamweaver
It's easy to create a rollover image with Dreamweaver. This tutorial shows how to do it in Dreamweaver CS3, but the instructions are identical for Dreamweaver CS6, CS5, CS4, Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver MX 2004, and Dreamweaver 8.
The 10 Best Macintosh WYSIWYG Editors
WYSIWYG editors are HTML editors that attempt to display the Web page as it will show on the browser. They are visual editors, and you don’t manipulate the code directly. Some HTML WYSIWYG editors also include a text editor, while others are purely WYSIWYG. This is my list of the best HTML WYSIWYG editors for Macintosh.
8 Cheap and Easy Ways to Learn HTML
It's easy to learn HTML, and there are so many different ways to do it, it's criminal if you haven't already started. This article will show you some of the many ways you can get started learning HTML on About.com and other places.
The Mailto Command
Learn how to use the mailto command to write email links on your Web pages.
Viewbox Attribute in SVG
Creating a view box in SVG allows you to limit the area seen by the reader. View box is a way to crop or zoom in on an image.
Writing HTML in Notepad
You already have a great HTML editor built into your Windows operating system - Notepad. Learn how to use Notepad to write HTML.
How to Link an Image
Linking images is just as easy as linking text.
Mailto Forms
Getting forms to work is difficult, but the easiest way is with a simple mailto form that connects an email address to the form action.
<input type="button">
The INPUT Button tag is used to display text buttons. It is an HTML 4 and HTML 5 tag.
How to Write Web Pages for Mobile Devices
Smartphones are gaining in popularity every day, so you should be aware of how these devices work and create designs that work well for them. This article will give you some tips to create web pages that are mobile device friendly.
Web Page Widths
How wide should you design your pages. The correct answer is that it depends, but this article will provide you with some tips and tricks for how to determine a good width for your pages.
Is Using an RSS Feed Plagiarism?
Website owners often put a lot of content out in RSS feeds. This is useful for other designers to help promote that content and add some extra infomation to their own sites. But some unscrupulous people use RSS feeds to scrape the site in question and don't provide context or credit and often change the articles in some nefarious way.
Buttons on Forms
Learn how to use input fields as submit buttons as well as button elements and command elements from HTML5.
Should I Become a Web Developer or Web...
Deciding to become a Web developer or programmer can be a hard decision. It\'s hard to know everything there is to know about a job before you start, but there are some questions you can answer that will help you deteremine if you have the right aptitude for being a Web developer or Web programmer.
CSS3 Opacity - Example
CSS 3 opacity example: opacity image position loose dtd text position text filter
HTML Scroll Box
CSS makes it easy to take a large box of text and place it in a smaller box with scroll bars. Learn how to set up scroll bars on text, tables, and even images.
How to Center Text in a Table Cell
Centering text inside table cells is done the same as you would center text in any other element on your web page.
HTML Codes - Special Characters for Spanish -...
HTML codes to put Spanish characters on your Web page.
How To View the HTML Source in Google Chrome
Viewing the HTML source is one of the easiest ways to learn how someone did something on a web page. And imitation of HTML source is a great way to learn HTML. This how to shows how to view the source in Chrome.
20 Best Free HTML Editors for Linux and UNIX
If you’re looking for a free HTML editor for Linux or UNIX you will find the best ones on this list. There are both text and WYSIWYG editors available and these are great if you don’t want to spend money on your HTML editor.
How to Make Images into Input Buttons on Web...
The INPUT Image tag is used to display images as input fields. It is an HTML 4 and HTML 5 tag.
Enable HTML 5 in Internet Explorer
Many people are opposed to using HTML 5 until Internet Explorer 9 comes out and is widely accepted. But it is possible to use HTML 5 elements that Internet Explorer 8 and lower don't recognize and still style them so that they display correctly. It's three lines of HTML in the HEAD of your document.
New HTML5 Attributes of the IFRAME Element
There are three new attributes of the IFRAME element in HTML5: srcdoc, sandbox, and seamless. Learn the purpose of these attributes and how to use them in your HTML.
How to Value a Domain Name
Domain names are more than just the URL of your website. Domains can have value and are an asset for companies. But just like any other asset, there are things that make a domain more or less valuable. Learn how to improve your domain names so that you can sell your site for more money.
How to Open a Link in a New Window: Using...
Learn how to open a link in a new window. Use JavaScript to open a new window.
What is the Difference Between CSS2 and CSS3
CSS3 offers a bunch of new features that haven\'t been available in CSS2 and before, but it can be hard to quantify exactly what those differences are because the biggest change to CSS3 is that it has been cut up into a bunch of new recommendations, rather than being one big one. This article will help you understand some of the new changes to CSS3 and how it compares to CSS2.
20 Best HTML Editors for Linux and UNIX
This is my list of the best Linux/UNIX HTML editors in order. I evaluated 40 Linux/UNIX HTML editors in over 40 categories, and these are the editors that I think are the best of the best. If you're looking for an HTML editor for Linux/UNIX, you should find one that meets your needs on this list.
What is Web Design
An introduction to the basics of web design and the various aspects of web design. Learn what web design is.
How to Build a 3-Column Layout in CSS
CSS layout requires that you think of your Web site layout as a whole, and then take the pieces and put them together. Use this tutorial to go from a simple wire-frame of a basic 3-column layout all the way to a Web page ready for content to be included.
Make Things Fade In and Out with CSS3 - Examples
Make Things Fade In and Out with CSS3 Examples By Jennifer Kyrnin , About.com Guide No Fade In - Just
Adding Horizontal Lines to Break Up Content on...
Using the HR tag allows you to divide up your content on a page into separate themes within the same article or story. Most browsers render it with a horizontal line taking up the full width of the parent element. But the HR tag can be modified with CSS.
Install a Guestbook on Your Site
Find out what your readers think of your site with a guestbook. Learn how to host your own guestbook on your Web server using CGI.
Tabbed Navigation in Web Design
It's easy to add tabbed navigation into your Web pages with CSS and page identifiers.
Signed vs. Self-signed Certificates
When you use SSL to create a secure, encrypted connection to your Web server you can use a signed certificate by a recognized certificate authority or you can sign the certificate yourself. There are only a few differences between each type of certificate, but they are critical ones.
What is Internet Explorer Compatibility View?
Compatibility view is the Internet Explorer 8 solution to moving from Internet Explorer 7 and 6 focused web designs to a more standards compliant design that IE 8 supports. Learn more about compatibility view and how it works.
Styling Links with CSS
Don't let your links be boring, create links that are styled just like the rest of your Web pages. And before you think that just means changing the hover color - there's way more to it than that. When you're designing your page, don't forget to design your links.
How to Write Your First XML Document
A tutorial about creating a file in XML with sample code. This article writes a simple XML file for inventory and provide step-by-step instruction.
What is a CSS Inline Style?
Once you understand what a CSS style property is, you'll want to apply them to your pages. One way to do that is to style the exact element with an inline style.
Understanding the CSS Clear Property
When you float an element with the CSS float property, sometimes you want to turn off that float before the wrapping text has reached the bottom of the element. To do this, you should use the CSS clear property. But there are some challenges you should be aware of when clearing floated elements as well.
BlueGriffon is a text editor WYSIWYG editor for Windows Macintosh Linux . It is best suited to Professional Web Designers or Professional Web Developers.
How To Change the Color of a Word With the SPAN...
This article for beginning Web developers who are new to HTML and CSS will help you learn how to use the SPAN tag and CSS to change the color of individual words on your pages.
How to Install Apache on Linux
Learn how to install Apache on a Linux web server. It's easy to install the Apache web server on a Linux system from source files.

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