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No Response to Webmail and Mail Forwarding Problems

Reader Reviews: 000webhost.com Free Web Hosting

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By Fed Up

000webhost.com Free Web Hosting

How long have you used 000webhost.com free hosting? 

1-3 months

Features of 000webhost.com free hosting 

Sorry, never got to the actual web hosting. (See review.) But I can say that their promise of email forwarding was hollow (See review) and their webmail also failed. (Yes, see review.)

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Customer Service 

Response time decent. Promises, generous. But after close to 6 weeks (and them closing multiple tickets) not only was initial problem not resolved, but things got worse.

My Review 

In all honesty, I never got to the actual web hosting. I started out very simply. I just wanted to have my email forwarded, as promised. Well, no go. Repeated promises that it would be resolved were hollow. And going on six weeks, forwarding still doesn't work, although the promises continue. (And them closing service tickets despite issues not being resolved.)

So I set it up to be able to read it in their webmail instead of forwarding so at least I could get my mail. But even that, after a short time, stopped working. So they have provided ZERO email services. NO forwarding. NO web mail. But lots of promises. And although I didn't keep track, the email servers were down a considerable amount of time, I would guess over a quarter of the time, and that may be generous.

So, they get ZERO for email forwarding. ZERO for webmail hosting. And ZERO for customer service. On multiple tickets. And, to be generous, a 1 on email server up time.

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000WebHost is a free web hosting provider.

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