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Reader Reviews : Web Editor Reviews


There are hundreds of Web editors available for Web designers to use to build Web pages. Some are great and some are terrible. Read reviews of Web editors by other About.com readers.

PageSpinner V 5.2.1

I have been using Optima System's entry into the web editor field for Macintosh for many years. It is called PageSpinner, the present version being 5.2.1. I am not a professional but have been develo…More

Yahoo SiteBuilder 2.8

This is the best web editor there is. For ease-of-use, it can't be beat. The user interface is much like windows, so there is almost no learning curve. You can have your first web site up and running…More

PageBreeze 4.0d

A good editor but with some serious flaws.I've used PageBreeze for almost a year now. It is a reasonable editor with WYSIWYG features and the ability to quickly go into the HTML to edit it directly.I…More

Amaya 11.4.4

I have an extensive web site with simple layout and CSS behind it. I tried to use Amaya but found it hopelessly confusing to me. It also hung on the first page I tried to edit. The WYSIWYG editor of…More

Web Easy Professional 9

Web Easy Professional promises much and delivers little. The main problem is that even the simplest things are implemented badly, so that you spend a lot of time working out how things work rather th…More

Xara Web Designer 7

Xara Web Designer, version 7 is in my opinion the very best WYSIWYG editor available today. It is very easy to use but has more powerful features than NetObjects Fusion 12. If you can use MS Publishe…More

IM Creator

I was looking to create a website for some time now. I'm no computer genius so i looked for something easy. IM creator is a little like power point - you can add text, pictures, videos etc etc and th…More

Aptana Studio 3

Aptana is great if you are looking for a IDE that handles just about anything without major annoyances like some other IDE's that will remain unnamed. In response to your "What's Missing List" many o…More

Flux 3.2

Flux is a unique one of a kind WYSIWYG HTML/CSS editor exclusive to the mac platform.I would rate it amongst the top 4 or 5 mac HTML editors out there. Some say it is better than Dreamweaver - likely…More

Xara Designer Pro 7

Hello People,Stay Away From This.Its good only if your website is small.If you are building a website more than 50 pages,avoid it.It gets slowed down to such an extent that you cannot work on it.I am…More

RAGE WebDesign

I have been using WebDesign for a few years now and can't say enough good things about it.The included site templates and wizards are such a time saver. I used it as a step up from iWeb. Although you…More

Xara Web Designer 7

I love this software. I create free websites for friends and family and was using frontpage for it's simplicity and speed in creating and updating pages. I was having problems with some web site host…More

NetObjects Fusion 12

If you are creating websites from scratch, this may be the ideal software for you. If you are importing a website from a previous editor, you may not be successful in doing so. The low price of the p…More


This software offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers along with seamless Web browser for previewing HTML pages, and FTP commands for uploading local files to FTP server. I…More


Seamonkey HTML editor updates and Windows 7 do not fitI use Seamonkey HTML editor since 2005, but the last updates don't match with Windows 7 any more, there are big problems and functions are lost w…More

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