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Reader Reviews : Web Editor Reviews


There are hundreds of Web editors available for Web designers to use to build Web pages. Some are great and some are terrible. Read reviews of Web editors by other About.com readers.

Review Your Web Editor

Web Easy Pro

TERRIBLE Run from this product. It has no support for it. It is cheap because people buy it and get frustrated and place the disc on the shelf and plan on dealing with it later. The WORST !!!!!!!!!!!…More


It has a complete php, javascript, and asp library. For the basic javascript functions and commands, under the specialised tab, where you find the ASP commands, you will find the basic javascript fun…More

EZGenerator 4

I read Jennifer's review, decided to try it out to compare it to the other editors I have. If their documentation of what I'm making teaches me more about aspects such a java script and jquery, then …More

WebEasy 9 Pro

This is by far the worst piece of software I have ever had the misfortune to use!It is so buggy and badly programmed its next to useless.I worked with it for 2 days and had to start over 4 times on t…More

IM Creator

I built my site on IM Creator this past week, overall about 10 hours to build a full website myself.I am not computer savvy, have a limited budget and looked for a website builder that will be easy t…More

WebEasy Professional 9

What a piece of crap! I read so many reviews of this website development tool and every one of them gave it high marks for everything. In comparison to 9 other contemporaries, it received 10 of 10 in…More


The website is very friendly user. Unfortunately the support is lousy! There is no telephone # to call when you need someone, only email support. I have written several times(when I have needed help)…More

AceHTML Freeware

This software whether you use the free version or the paid version is far better than all the others out there for the taking. It has the capability to do so much more for so little out of pocket exp…More


I stopped using the fancy web design and Wysiwyg website application programs a long time ago. I code in straight source code as much as feasibly possible. My all time favorite text editor is Notepad…More


Notepad++ was created by the Notepad++ Team. It is more or less like a replacement for the default Notepad application that comes with every Microsoft Windows Operating System. Like the default Notep…More


Weebly is great free or paid. With a little effort you can customize it by adding and amending code in the editor or by using some of their standard editing tools from buttons and drop-down lists.I c…More


I find it easy and flexible, with excellent support. eventually I bought the Pro package but there is plenty of latitude in the free one too. I use it for three sites.margaretrodgers.catheirisgroup.c…More

PageSpinner V 5.2.1

I have been using Optima System's entry into the web editor field for Macintosh for many years. It is called PageSpinner, the present version being 5.2.1. I am not a professional but have been develo…More

Yahoo SiteBuilder 2.8

This is the best web editor there is. For ease-of-use, it can't be beat. The user interface is much like windows, so there is almost no learning curve. You can have your first web site up and running…More

PageBreeze 4.0d

A good editor but with some serious flaws.I've used PageBreeze for almost a year now. It is a reasonable editor with WYSIWYG features and the ability to quickly go into the HTML to edit it directly.I…More

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