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IM Creator

Reader Reviews: Web Editor Reviews

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By lisa12345678

IM Creator


Date of purchase or download: 


Name, version and URL of editor 

IM Creator, www.imcreator.com

How much did you pay for your software? 

Less than $10

What type of editor is this? 

WYSIWYG editor

What operating system(s) does this software run on? 

online editor

My Review 

I was looking to create a website for some time now. I'm no computer genius so i looked for something easy. IM creator is a little like power point - you can add text, pictures, videos etc etc and then move them around on the page. and you see the "live" result in front of you.

It was easy to use and i managed to build my own site in a couple of days.

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