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NetObjects Fusion 12

Reader Reviews: Web Editor Reviews

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By Stephen Craft

NetObjects Fusion 12

NetObjects Fusion

Date of purchase or download: 


Name, version and URL of editor 

NetObjects Fusion 12.0

How much did you pay for your software? 

$100 to $199

What type of editor is this? 

Both WYSIWYG and text

What operating system(s) does this software run on? 

Windows 7

My Review 

If you are creating websites from scratch, this may be the ideal software for you. If you are importing a website from a previous editor, you may not be successful in doing so. The low price of the product is offset by minimal to no support from Net Objects so the best of luck to you getting any problem with the software resolved.

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Jennifer Kyrnin, About.com Web Design/HTML, says:

NetObjects Fusion is a text and WYSIWYG web editor for Windows.

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