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Reader Reviews: Web Editor Reviews

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By Michael Palomino (*1964)



Date of purchase or download: 

since 2005 all updates

Name, version and URL of editor 

Seamonkey, the latest updates

How much did you pay for your software? 


What type of editor is this? 

WYSIWYG editor

What operating system(s) does this software run on? 

Windows 7

My Review 

Seamonkey HTML editor updates and Windows 7 do not fit

I use Seamonkey HTML editor since 2005, but the last updates don't match with Windows 7 any more, there are big problems and functions are lost with Windows 7. When I copy a link, the link is not copied any more, when I copy a photo with a link, the link is not copied any more, and with the last update the tables are not shown any more. So, I had to reinstall a version of before and cannot perform any update any more. As I see Seamonkey has no future with Windows 7. Or is my Windows 7 not right installed? Is there any other person with that problems? Or is my Toshiba Satellite notebook the problem? I don't think so.

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Jennifer Kyrnin, About.com Web Design/HTML, says:

SeaMonkey is a WYSIWYG editor for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

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