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KompoZer 0.7.1

Reader Reviews: KompoZer Reviews

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By Dwight Blubaugh


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I found this web editor very useful. I manage two websites for local non-profit dance groups (www.cincyecd.org and www.cincyhistoricdance.org) and cost was my prime concern. I wanted have an editor that was better (more standards compliant) than Frontpage. I prefer to layout the webpage visually and when needed drop into the HTML to tweak. I found Kompozer (via Cascades) lets me define CSS both external and internal to the page. Kompozer lets me select and manage all styles for elements. It has a Show Tags option that clearly shows each element and makes it easy to double click to edit. It's preview option does show what the final layout does but lacks the ability to preview JavaScripts. The biggest complaint is that this software gets bug-fixes and new releases very sporadically. It is complete enough (version 0.7.10 is not a to use but really needs to be rebuilt upon later Gecko engines. The Site Manager works well for the HTML and included objects but fails to handle extra text(PHP, databases, etc.) files and doesn't handle subdirectories (Photos, Videos, etc) For quickly putting good pages together I always reach for this program first.


* Site Manager

* FTP upload

* extensible (i.e. plug-ins available to handle PHP coding)

* Uses Cascades add-in to edit CSS

* Easy to use


* Based on old Mozilla Gecko engine and it doesn't support newer Firefox plugins

* reformats code to match its own syntax (option to disable feature seems broken)

* updates and bug fixes are out of date (but it's open source)

* Doesn't preview AJAX of Javascripts on webpages being built

* For some elements the bounding-box selection highlight doesn't work in DIVs that use padding values

This review was written on June 19, 2008.

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