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KompoZer 0.77

Reader Reviews: KompoZer Reviews

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By Larry McElhiney


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I find KompoZer to be the easiest software for me to use to teach WYSIWYG and HTML editing for web page production, because it works exactly the same on each of the major platforms, Macintosh, Linux and Windows. This allows a user to be trained on one platform and then immediately switch to another without downtime. Obviously, the HTML files don't care which platform is being used either.

In addition to the above, since KompoZer has been made available as a Portable Application, it can be installed on a USB device to allow use on a client's Windows host machine without installation. This increases productivity, since you have no delay associated with installation of a package. It also precludes the need to use a package which is already installed on the client's machine, but with which you are unfamiliar.

The FTP Manager is easy to set up and works semi-automatically to grab and replace files from the online website.


* Works the same on all major platforms, enhancing trainability.

* Works as a Portable App on Windows, allowing it to run without installation on a client's host.

* Manages the FTP access to your website.


* None

This review was written on November 6, 2008.

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