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Web design and HTML are online occupations, so learning them online is a good solution for many people. And online classes have the benefit of not being tied to a specific location. You can sign up for an online class from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. That is why I offer free classes in web design, HTML, CSS, and more.

But how do you know if the class you’re planning on taking is a good one? Read these reviews of online courses in various web design skills and find out which ones are the best and which you should avoid.

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TreeHouse HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Classes

Hi everyone,Treehouse is really fun. It has projects you can work on as well as deep dives on html, css, javascript and many more. Along the way, you have quizzes and code challenges. As you successf…More

Free HTML Class from About.com

I really liked the class. It is simple and you can do it on your own time. It is for this reason that I would recommend it to others. I only wish that more people were using the forums and sharing th…More

Online Web Design Training

hi every one.i have learned my course through www.onlinewebdesigntraining.in during the course they have taken classes personally that to one to one.faculty has give very good training and they have …More

Web Design from Leapfrog Multimedia

hi ,i have taken training in leapfrog multimedia.the training was good infact they has given me ex poser to real time website .in that process i have learned the problem we face in real time.the trai…More

Free Cascading Style Sheets Class

Your free training is good but I need more examples as I'm a beginner in programming. I still don't know how to use some elements in html programming. I need more examples on navigation menubar, java…More

Free HTML Class - Weekly

The course is fantastic. The materials are quite well designed, well graded and have good amount of content in each lesson. The features like related searches, optional reading, articles etc are quit…More

Easy to Understand for a Beginner

Easy to understand for a beginner.Generous resources and articles to study as far as one wants.Great overview with options to return and study more specifically.Sometimes I got lost following the lin…More

Free HTML Class from About.com

realy it is superb.. Once i was afraid of making web pages.. Now i am able to create a web page on my own.... Examples that are given by you are very useful to understand the theory portions.. I want…More

Free CSS Class from About.com

Fantastic course. Nice structure and easy to move through if I didn't need or want to read a certain section. I am so grateful to have this kind of class offered without charge. What a great value. I…More

CSS Short Course

Quick and easy crash course on CSS and its uses. Very clear throughout with examples to clarify. Only issue: it may be time to update the content (if needed) especially since there are references to …More

CSS Short Course

pros:Good coverage for beginners and professionals as well. One starting the class from any point of time. Easy to understand and comprehensive material. Really good material.cons:More live demos sho…More

Free SEO Class

I think a lot of the stuff is debatable and I realise that SEO is an inexact study. Your reference to HTML as being important to SEO is probably wrong and the argument also sent to the people at Yola…More

About.com Free HTML Class

Good class, I learned a lot and I realize the journey has only begun! The pros were that it was read at your own pace. There was additional information to further explain things. Cons were that the m…More

About.com Free CSS Short Course

I liked that class a lot and how it was organized. I think everything was explained very thoroughly and very well. The only thing is I would like to know how to fully structure the codes and put ever…More

Creating a Website with Dreamweaver from Lynda.com

The class was excellent and by the end I had created a complete website.I'm taking Digital Photography right now, and so far I have taken about 10 courses; sometimes I sign up for a month, then cance…More

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