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Reader Reviews : Review Online Web Design Courses


Web design and HTML are online occupations, so learning them online is a good solution for many people. And online classes have the benefit of not being tied to a specific location. You can sign up for an online class from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. That is why I offer free classes in web design, HTML, CSS, and more.

But how do you know if the class you’re planning on taking is a good one? Read these reviews of online courses in various web design skills and find out which ones are the best and which you should avoid.

Free SEO Class

I think a lot of the stuff is debatable and I realise that SEO is an inexact study. Your reference to HTML as being important to SEO is probably wrong and the argument also sent to the people at Yola…More

About.com Free HTML Class

Good class, I learned a lot and I realize the journey has only begun! The pros were that it was read at your own pace. There was additional information to further explain things. Cons were that the m…More

About.com Free CSS Short Course

I liked that class a lot and how it was organized. I think everything was explained very thoroughly and very well. The only thing is I would like to know how to fully structure the codes and put ever…More

Creating a Website with Dreamweaver from Lynda.com

The class was excellent and by the end I had created a complete website.I'm taking Digital Photography right now, and so far I have taken about 10 courses; sometimes I sign up for a month, then cance…More

Free HTML Class from About.com

I found the first few lessons very easy to follow, intuitive and filled with good beginning principles to follow for writing HTML. I found the pace to be a little slow, but people completely to new H…More

Lynda.com Drupal 7 Class

Don't trust these people with your credit card! They offer a free one week trial, but if you try to cancel even after 5 or 6 days as I did, you get pretended misunderstandings and a refusal to pay. O…More

Free HTML Class from About.com

First and foremost, i would like to thank you for giving life skills in web design and development. the lessons were very educative, i gained some designing skills in a very short space of time. plea…More

HTML Class from About.com

I have done the course with pleasure.All elements of HTML are covered and explained in detail.Also the do's and don'ts are covered.Exercises are clear and meaningful.For beginning HTML coders I would…More

Free HTML Class from About.com

I am currently on week 13 of the HTML class (the class was updated while I was halfway through, so there are a few extra weeks to add the new stuff!) and hope to finish and take my test next week.I s…More

Learn CSS in 5 Days

The course is very well structured. It presents very well the basics and it is easy to learn. It also presents the siturations when there may be problems, like with different browsers. It also presen…More

5-Day CSS Class from About.com

Content was well organized and presented in lessons that were enough information for one day and not overwhelming.I was new to css and it helped me to understand what it is and how it works. Lots of …More


I agree. I think Lynda.com does an amazing job on all sorts of topics. They have over 1000 training videos.They are a subscription service & give you many choices at varying price points. You can sig…More

Web Design Certification Through Sessions

I took courses for a web design certificate through Sessions, an online accredited school. I am a musician and had no understanding of html or how to even begin designing websites. It took me two yea…More

Wordpress 3 Essential Training on Lynda.com

lynda.com, is a subscription based video training website, so you have the option to pick and choose what version of the program you are working with or what specific topic you need help with. I am s…More

Adobe Illustrator - Foothill College

Adobe design products are useful tools for web designers. And Adobe publishes a series called "Classroom in a Book" to support individual learning. I successfully used InDesign CIB to learn that prog…More

Beginning XHTML and CSS from Ed2Go

instructor led with discussion forum. Twelve lessons (2 per week)lesson quizzes and a final exam. also assignments with each lesson. I really liked the class and got a lot out of it. The courses are …More

Online Dreamweaver Course

As a graphic designer, I feel like I have to take responsibility for my own learning path. I wanted to learn how to create websites, and use Dreamweaver to do it. Through Online Dreamweaver Course, I…More

Intro to CSS and XHTML from Ed2Go

Ed2Go classes are offered as Continuing Ed classes at a local college or university. An instructor releases 2 lessons per week on their website with the ability to print out and work at your own pace…More

Lynda.com Online Web Design Classes

I thought the classes were good but I eventually dropped out without achieving the level of expertise that I wanted. They have a monthly unlimited usage and you can buy a premium on top of that which…More

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