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Online Dreamweaver Course

Reader Reviews: Review Online Web Design Courses

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Robert Greene

Name of the Class: 

Online Dreamweaver Course

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My Review 

As a graphic designer, I feel like I have to take responsibility for my own learning path. I wanted to learn how to create websites, and use Dreamweaver to do it. Through Online Dreamweaver Course, I was able to learn what I had to in a way that was very comfortable, and easy to learn. I recommend it to everyone I know. It offers templates, online video tutorials, a once a week live class session, a book, everything. I love it. I still continue to use it today because of all the great resources it offers, and now they are about to start teaching Dreamweaver CS5!! Wew-hew! Go to onlinedreamweavercourse.com today!!

Cost of the class 

less than $50

Length of the class 

It runs until you get all the information you want!

Class details 

I learned so much. CSS, HTML, how to add flash, javascript, and php. They gave me templates to use and experiment with. A live online class appears weekly.

Was the class offered by a university or college? 


Did you receive a degree or certificate on completion? 


How would you improve the class? 

I would start teaching html5 and css3 since that is what the industry seems to be pointing to, but learning the basics is key first.

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