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Features Do Not Matter—They Over Charge

Reader Reviews: Review 1 and 1 Web Hosting

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By Dan Udi Lavi

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My Review 

If you are smart simply stay away. 1and1 MAY PROVIDE HOSTING BUT will use every way they can to extract money from you regardless of what you agree on at the beginning. I have been using hosting companies for over 11 years and other than 1and1 no provider ever charged me triple or more for services I never wanted. They are masters at charging unjustified charges, when it re-occurred 1and1 first apologized but then dragged me for weeks and then refused to erase these charges. I realized it is a method there. I simply moved all my websites out of their hands. Don't waste your time and money there.

How long did you use this provider? 

1-5 years

Features of your hosting provider 

Features do not matter. The hosting part was ok.. the over charges and simply ignoring cancellation of services yet charging for them is simply unacceptable. Stay away ! ! ! ! ! !

How much do you pay for your hosting? 

$26 - $50 / month

What OS is the hosting provider? 


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