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This Host is Horrible

Reader Reviews: Review 110mb.com Web Hosting

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By Melissa

110mb.com Web Hosting

My Review 

This host is horrible!It used to be a great service when I invested in premium service for life in 2009 but now I'm lucky if my site even stays up for more than a week.I can never log in and I always get FTP errors.The customer service is deplorable as well.I have yet to actually get a real response on a support ticket and all they do in the forums is have "loyal 110mb members" talk for them. They have a lot of excuses and no solutions.It's a complete waste of money and not even worth looking at. I've since switched to x10hosting and I'm so much happier with the service.I get responses to problems in mere minutes on support tickets and have yet to suffer any downtime of my site.I would highly suggest ANYTHING but 110mb. I'm still in a very heated back and forth about a refund. Also if you are a 2009er like myself or purchased anything before new management they will try to give you the runaround.What kind of business just dismisses their customers and acquires a business without getting the records of the previous customers? I'm really outraged and disappointed with this host and would hate for anyone to have my experience.Just look elsewhere and don't give these crooks any of your time or money.

How long did you use 110mb.com? 

1-5 years

Features of 110mb.com 

I could at first but now the service is down so much the extra services are useless.I can't even log in!

How much do you pay for 110mb.com hosting? 

Free with other purchase

What OS does 110mb.com use? 


Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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