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Reader Reviews : Review Your Web Hosting Provider


It can be hard to find good web hosting. Have you had a great experience or really bad time with a hosting provider? Find out what other web designers have experienced with their web hosts in these reviews. Tell us about your current web hosting provider or one that you've already left.

Review Your Host


i have purchased Alpha reseller with them , realy nice support i have from triplefour. i just want say people to share my experience. surely i will recommend to my friends, people should support thes…More

CentrioHost Web Hosting

I would like to share some experience I have had with web hosting company centriohost.com.Price:I pay $176 per annum. I have not too much knowledge about web hosting market but comparing to other off…More

CBA Host

the customer service or so called 24 hour technical support is non-existent. This business will not respond. I was forced to move my site. My site was down for several days. I used their ticket supp…More

Capitan Hosting

I have hosted my websites and blogs with Capitan Hosting for the last 3 years, and I have had excellent uptime, amazing customer service and great flexibility on prices. They were very responsive in …More

Morel Hosting

Morel Hosting really has what I call a balance of price and quality. I couldn't find anything better and the prices are really affordable. I highly recommend this hosting for anybody, no matter if yo…More

Cyberspro International

Well I would not recommend this web host to anyone willing to spend a cent or more on a website. In the start I thought it was a great company for web-hosting because its cheap and seemed to have man…More

Karni Maa Group

About Karni Maa Group HostingKarni Maa Group Hosting is leading web solution provider of India. based at, Rajasthan(India). Karni Maa Group Hosting is providing Internet Solutions since 2009. Present…More


You can get unlimited web hosting at cheap price.Unlimited Webspace,Unlimited Bandwidth,Unlimited emails,Unlimited DomainsOnly in Rs 50 / month.Cpanel99.99% UptineWe have good customer support.…More

WebHostUK Limited

Hello,We have been using webhostUK Limited for more than 3 year , I happy to say there service was fantastic all this year. I hardly got any downtime, if there is any server maintenance, they have al…More

Spring Valley Host

Pros: This company seems to be new, however they appear to know what they are going. My old host messed up my site bad, figured I was going to have to start from scratch. Spring Valley hosts' staff w…More


I was a Lunarpages customer for 10 years. at the begining they were good. They asigned us a username that included a dash (-) and few years later they decided to change it. With the change, all our w…More

Lithium Hosting

Great service and a great price. I didn't have an issue with downtime like the other person before me stated. And I believe customer services was good. But then again I am a power user, so I barely a…More


I have had very good experience with Terabyet.org hosting services. I have a website hosted with their server since last 4 Months. I never had any problem with their services so far and also never fa…More


Hi,I have hosted my website from makeanysite, I know and I recall that day, while they have helped me in each and every step wherever I faced problem.Not only supportive attitude they have, also a re…More


i don't know how to explain about them they are simply super , i have several problem with some of hosting providers, one of my friend suggest Triplefour, then am asked for support regarding my probl…More

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