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Cyberspro International

Reader Reviews: Review Your Web Hosting Provider

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By wallace234

Name of Hosting Provider: 

Cyberspro International

Hosting Provider URL: 

http://cyberspro.supersite.myorderbox.com/index.php , http://cyberspro.com

My Review 

Well I would not recommend this web host to anyone willing to spend a cent or more on a website. In the start I thought it was a great company for web-hosting because its cheap and seemed to have many features.

However my first and biggest mistake was to sign up for the hosting and also use their services.

I signed up four sites which were hacked all the time.

Their scripts are always out dated and are hard to update.

The name servers are mixed the old and new, so they do not work.

They have no cancellation for domains 'so they say,' and do not allow clients to transfer their domains to other hosts. For the time my domains were down I could not get them to run either with them or another host. The management team 'smartly' informed me that they could not cancel the domains only the webhosting can be cancelled.

Their costumer service is all about lies they never really fix anything.

I am writing this to save anyone willing to host with this company because you would rather throw away the money, because you only be paying for frustration other than hosting.

How long did you use this provider? 

4-12 months

Features of your hosting provider 

Domains Sub Domains



Control Panel Features



Shared SSL

Dedicated SSL (Optional)

Server Side Includes (SSI)

MIME Type Manager

Detailed Web Statistics

Cron Job Manager

CGI Scripting

24x7 Customer Suppor

How much do you pay for your hosting? 

$1 - $10 / month

What OS is the hosting provider? 


Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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