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Reader Submissions: HTML5 Designs


See examples of how to use HTML5 in web design right now. Get inspiration or just see how other people use the new specification.

Brian Watson Photography Mobile View

I needed to showcase my photographs in a way that would look good on mobile devices, and so re-wrote the whole site using html5 and jQuery Mobile. The site consists of a number of galleries of thumbn…More

Charles Mudy

HTML5 was used for easy classification of sections, I could easily create and identify each page by section and then I could easily catch a specific item from my css. It also helps makes the site mor…More

W3C Dezigns

HTML5 is the latest trend of the web standards and because I am a designer and I want to show the world that I know these technology. That's why I have used HTML5 in my site.For me a piece of interne…More

Hostel MG

HostelMg is a Hostel Management Application. HostelMg have all the necessary tools for the administration of your backpackers' hostel.HostelMg is very easy to use. It is moderºn software develop…More

RDWonline v8.0: The Quasareclipse

RDWonline v8.0: The Quasareclipse is the personal and professional online work of webmaster Ronald D. Willis. Within this domain users can view his resume, favorite recreational activities and his ev…More

Funky Jones Jingle

This is a fun experiment we made to wish friends family and clients a happy holidays and to show off what modern browsers are capable of and even pushing limits of what current browsers can handle. U…More


I wanted the site to be ready to incorporate all the cool elements HTML5 will have to offer as soon as browsers support them. IVIS INFO is a technology and future oriented company and I wanted this t…More

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