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Design Junction

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By Nikita Adnani

Design Junction

Design Junction - Web Design Melbourne

Design Junction

Design Junction - Web Design Agency

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Design Junction - Web Design Melbourne

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The Purpose of the Site

Design Junction are a web design Melbourne studio, our team of experienced web designers and developers create unique, stylish, and creative website designs.

We used HTML5 features in the new website design for our own web studio to showcase our portfolio to potential clients.

Since implementing the HTML5 on the website, we have received a lot of positive feedback from clients and the site has been featured in a lot of HTML5 Galleries.


  • Use HTML5 where you think it makes sense
  • Consider SEO requirements for HTML5 implementation to ensure that the site is readable by search engines
  • We developed the mobile version of the site on a sub-domain, however we plan to move to a responsive web design
  • Use limited animation as it is still not fully supported by all browsers

Jennifer Kyrnin, About.com Web Design/HTML, says:

The comments listed above by Nikita are spot on, although I worry less about SEO these days. But using HTML5 where it makes sense is the best way to get started with it. Rather than waiting until HTML6 comes out, using HTML5 sparingly will get you comfortable with it.

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