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By naval kishor

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What features of HTML5 are Used

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The Purpose of the Site

HTML5 has semantic element which help every type of user. Due to use of HTML5 element (semantic element) we can easliy give information to every type of user. There are different- different type of user in the world.For example there are deaf user, blind user, normal user and hi tech user etc. Screen reader tool mostly is used by blind user. Screen reader easliy read and give information to user if we will use semantic element.

I want to share my knowledge to every body for that i need more user to visit my site and as much as semantic element i used in my website it will increase user visit.


  • I want to create sassy html for my future site which will not use js

Jennifer Kyrnin, About.com Web Design/HTML, says:

I included this in my Web Design Inspiration gallery as well.

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