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Reader Submissions: HTML5 Designs

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If you have designed a site in HTML5, submit it here for inclusion on the site.


If your submission does not meet these criteria, it will not be posted and you will receive no notification.

  1. The site must be written in HTML5—the entire site, not just the home page
  2. You must include a screen shot of the site, but it may be replaced with a more representative shot if I decide that is necessary
  3. The site must use HTML5 features and APIs, and not just the doctype
  4. No temporary or "sample" sites will be accepted. This should be a live, working example.
  5. Do not submit sites using the default WordPress theme.

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Receive a one-time notification when your response is published.
Explain the elements of HTML5 that were used on the site.
Why did you use HTML5 and how does that relate to the site's goals?

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What would you do differently on a future site? Were there things you particularly liked or disliked?

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