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Reader Stories: Where to Find the Best Freelance Web Design Clients


Finding Web design clients is an ongoing business for most freelance Web designers. Word of mouth can only take you so far. Find out what techniques other designers have used to find clients and share some of your own ideas. Did they work?

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Networking "Events" Are Useless

I give presentations and get some clients from that, but most are very cheap, and satisfied to go to Vistaprint for templates or send work to Russia or China for $5 templates, but I also live in a ve…More

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Recommendations

Asking current clients for recommendations has by far proven the most successful way of getting new business. Who better to promote you than someone you've already done work for?Another great way to …More

Meet with Your Chamber of Commerce

1. showing the product sells my customer every time. 2. don't have that problem as I always stay with what works, listening and giving the customer what he wants with the best operating method availa…More

Small Weeklies Provide Good Advertising Space

I have found my advertising works very well and through contacts made there I have found other contact. Least successful is job bidding. I prefer to support local companies and I have found that smal…More

Networking is Critical

Networking is most successful, as personalization is always best, often resulting in people wanting to go with someone that they know. However, the least successful is having insufficient web optimiz…More

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