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Reader Stories: How I Became a Web Designer


There are lots of ways to become a Web designer. Some people take online classes and teach themselves. Others take university classes and get a degree or certification as a Web designer.

If you're interested in becoming a Web designer, reading about how others have done it is a great way to start. And if you're already a Web designer, why not share your experiences with others. If nothing else, it's free advertising for your work.

Get a Degree from DeVry

I started in March of 2010 and I will graduate from DeVry University's Multimedia Design & Development Bachelors degree program in June 2013. I tried years ago to be self taught by reading books and …More

Don't Let a Lack of Formal Training Get in Your Way

I am totally self taught. My background is in digital art and photography. I spent many years as a moderately successful digital artist. Then I got into photography. My artist background combined wit…More

Designs 2000

Suzanne got started putting up several personal sites on the Web when she was asked to build a site for an acquaintance. She currently works 30-50 hours a week at Web design and development, and hope…More

K.B. Wolpin & Associates

Joyce attended a workshop on making Web sites about four years ago (1996), and then volunteered to make a Web site for her department. Eventually, she was able to quit her job and do computer and mar…More

Armadillo Web Design

Michael saw an opportunity to create an online business and because of his computer experience, he was designated Web developer. From that he moved to designing Web sites while still working at his f…More

Cajun Cam

At first, he didn't want to take the classes, but then he went and "fell in love with it." Thomas strives to give value for the money that his clients pay, sometimes even losing money. He also has vo…More

Dowling Web Design

After that site, she started volunteering her services to other non-profits, and one got a grant and started paying her. She spends up to 60 hours a week on Web development in the summer, and less ti…More

Did the Work, Now Teaching Others

My learning process was very hard.I was very young and after school I was reading books that I could find in the local library.The internet was a new thing and it was difficult to find information on…More

12 Years a Designer

I am a little self taught and I also have a Internet Specialist Degree! You can check out my work at: www.steveblackwood.com He is a celebrity from "Days of Our Lives!" And I still work for him month…More

Start Your Portfolio from the First Job

I'm a self taught designer and illustrator. I found online tutorials and taught myself HTML and eventually CSS and other Web technologies. I built a portfolio of work and had some work published in m…More

Self-Taught Fueled by Passion

I started designing websites when I was 14 years old. I was interested in becoming a computer programmer, and at the time, HTML was the most popular language to get started with. Here I am 11 years l…More

You Can Freelance Without a Degree

I dont have a degree yet, i plan to get a degree in Computer Science, Other than those 2 classes im self-taught. I don't know what career I want to go into, all i know is Computers. I Thought about c…More

Keep Experimenting

While I do have a degree in graphic design, I really hadn't learned any Web design when I was in school. I was always more on the artistic side of things and always into photography. Having come from…More

Do it For Yourself First, If You Like it Then Make it a Career

I have predominantly been self taught in this manner. I have spent countless hours in forums asking questions and answering questions once I gained more knowledge. I started attending classes in Janu…More

Self-Taught Works Well, but Classes Can Help a Web Designer's Confidence

Completely self-taught. There have been many a night of hair-pulling trying to figure something out--whether it's a CSS issue or a PHP issue--only to discover it was a mis-placed semi-colon... : )I s…More

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