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You Can Freelance Without a Degree

Share Your Story: How I Became a Web Designer

By Cameron

You Can Freelance Without a Degree

cjf Design

How did you become a Web designer?

well my sophmore year in High School I took 2 web design classes along with Programing. The first class was Frontpage and the second was Dreamweaver. After those our schools volleyball coach came up to me and asked me if i wanted to create a site for the team. I said sure: www.danvillevolleyball.com

Later our BPA advisor asked if i wanted to be an officer for BPA(Business Professionals of America) and make a site for BPA. once again I said yes: www.danvillebpa.com

Are you self-taught or did you get a degree?

I dont have a degree yet, i plan to get a degree in Computer Science, Other than those 2 classes im self-taught. I don't know what career I want to go into, all i know is Computers. I Thought about computer forensics, networking, programming. And then still doing this freelance design business on the side.

Tips and Tricks

  • I have no regrets about anything i do. I work hard on all designs i do.

What University or School did you attend?

Currently in High School at the time of this post

What degree or certification did you receive?

I dont have any at the time of this post, but i plan to get my A+, and get a degree in Computer Science

How long ago did you become a Web designer?

2 years ago (2007)

Tell us a little about your Web design business (+URL)

Well I made a portfolio site that a friend of mine said that I should start a freelance business


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