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A New Site at Kinesava

Share Your Story: Show Off Your Favorite Web Page Design

By visualbasic

A New Site at Kinesava

Which Page I like

Kinesava ... No URL ... This page is the home page of a site under development that still has problems. You can see the page in the screenshot.

Why I think this design works

This is a personal home page and complex links and programmed functions on the page aren't necessary. I want a wide open and scenic home page that matches the wide open and scenic Zion Canyon. This one does it.

Tips and Tricks

Right now, the page doesn't scale at all. It looks truly dorky sitting in the middle of a large wide screen monitor. The top title is constructed from a separate graphic and you can see the visible line where the two graphics are joined. These problems need to be fixed.

I Built this Web Page (yes or no)


Jennifer Kyrnin, About.com Web Design/HTML, says:

Yes, the drawback to creating websites with large background images is that they often don't scale well. There is a CSS property (background-size) that you can use to stretch the image to fit the screen, but not all browsers support that. The most common solution that I've seen is to pick a color that is pale and neutral and in the image itself (such as #ecdad0 in this image) and use it as the entire page background color. Then you can center the entire layout. On a small screen the background color won't show up. On a larger screen it will, but it will look deliberate, rather than "dorky" as you put it.

As for the visible line where the images join, you will need to edit the images so that they merge more seamlessly or not use an image for the top graphic.

Good luck!

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