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Reader Submissions: What Web Design Are You Working On Right Now?

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What's in your Web page editor right now? Take a screen shot of the preview (let's face it, code is boring to look at) and share what you're working on. Don't bother to tidy it up, this is a chance for people to see that beautiful websites start out as not so pretty. Once you're pleased with your page, you can submit it Favorite Web Page Designs page and potentially be featured in the Web Design Blog.

Feel free to submit as many submissions as you like, even showing the same page as the design changes.

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What are you working on? How close are you to finished (or have you just started)?
What are you focusing on for this design? Is the design more important or the programming? What do you still plan to do?

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What tricks have you used to make the design work better? Would you do it the differently?

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