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Readers Respond: Excellent Ways to Get a New Perspective On Your Work or Brainstorm

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From the article: 6 Ways to Get Unblocked
It can be difficult for freelancers, especially those who work alone to come up with new ideas or get different perspectives on their work. Learn how other designers do it and share some of your own stories of brainstorming success or failure.

Coffee, Music, and maybe Bubbles

Coffee is a big help, the gourmet types taste better but comercial versions tend to have more caffeine. Background music from an NPR program like Echoes works well. If all else fails, then I take a break and watch bubbles - it's a bit like watching a fish tank (or maybe air-fish). Sometimes I do all three at the same time.
—Guest Adam

while sitting and listerning to sermon

While sitting in church listening to the sermon my mind gets full of ideas of landscapes and sceneries. I think its a good thing to be there you should try sometimes.

House music all night long...

First thing that came to mind was music. Music especially House music for me or some folks call it Electronic Music stimulates my mind and somehow inspires me to create digital art online. Just to name of few House music artists... Kaskade, Deadmau5, BT, etc...
—Guest DigitalSide

What Inspires me in Web Design

On the poll of what inspires me the most in the web designs I create, I chose "Something Else", because the first thing that came to mind on reading the question for the poll was "Cartoons and Comic Books". I don't have Flash yet, because I can't afford to buy it (criminal justice student living at home), but when I can get Flash, I'd like to play with animations based on my favorite comic books and cartoons, and make new sites with these new Flash ideas. Perhaps, I'll also also experiment with creating short Flash video games in this style I have been thinking about. Thanks for the greatly informative articles -- I enjoy reading them and learning from them a lot!
—Guest David-Joshua Ginsberg

Went From Crying to Smiling

Excellent suggestions. Unfortunately I did not read this when I had a cognitive block of my own. I was ripping my hair out, so I finally decided to get some advice from someone who could help me out. I went to a graphic design company who specialize in web design. I was really pleased with the final product because I was able to infuse my own ideas and collect some new ones. In case anyone is interested, the design team I worked with is located in Sydney and is called DPM Creative Group. I would highly recommend them if someone is in the vicinity of Australia and needs graphic design help. Thanks for the great article!!
—Guest Mark Fitzpatrick

More suggestions

Look at some inspiring work of other designers or people you idolize. Chances are that you will be motivated to do some great work and that will drive the block away. Nothing works better than this for me
—Guest Sunidhi Garg

Get Out!

I live in San Diego. I have a few internet cafes that I like to go to spread out all over the county. I just pick one and go there and work all day sometimes. I find I can concentrate better when I am away from the home office. It also makes being in the office easier for a few days after.

Sit with Co-Workers

Hi, I often come up with this situation when I end up with ideas to write then the only solution which works for me is to sit with my colleagues and then my vision brightens, I get more and more ideas which ultimately helps me a lot. - J. www.sybotechnologies.com

walk and mind map

walking for at least 30 minutes a day and mind mapping is very effective:-)
—Guest jennie

This is real brainstorming

Brainstorming is a specific thought (cognitive) process used for idea generation. Whether done alone or in a group, it includes the use of the following five guidelines: 1. Reserve all judgment 2. Strive for quantity of ideas 3. Freewheel - go further with "crazy" ideas 4. Piggyback on other's ideas - let them stimulate your new ideas 5. Have fun - humor dissolves blocks. Idea generation without using these guidelines or the equivalent is not Brainstorming. There are many techniques for stimulating "out-of-the-box" thinking and breaking mind-blocks and all of these suggestions may work for some people some of the time. If you really want to extend your thinking follow the guidelines. They make Brainstorming work!
—Guest M.S. in Creativity

Brainstorming ideas

I talk to my kid or his friends. He plays solitare.
—Guest Rachael

Don't Stress it

Take some time off, give it a chill, I always like taking a walk sometimes to have a chat with friends, let off my mind for a while or get to my small studio and think of how i can make another hit, the next time i get back, i have a better perspective. Just chill...
—Guest Klet


ways depends on - if I'm stuck @ the beginning or just reached a fork in the road. Definitly COFFEE regardless. But going off & working on "fine" art - clears obstacles. It cleans out any cob-webs.
—Guest l

Twitter of Course

You can always bounce ideas or get inspiration on twitter!
—Guest Rich

I make a mind map

Yes, I make a mind map of whatever it is I'm having problems with. It's amazing how it wakes up my creativity. Gina
—Guest Gina

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