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Readers Respond: Reasons to Hate CSS

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There are lots and lots of places where you can read about the reasons people love CSS, but what about why you hate it? CSS for layout annoys a lot of people, as do all the different properties, as well as the fact that browsers don't support it. What do you hate about CSS? Share Your Reason

I can't even centralize things.

That you still have to use absolut pixel values to absolutely horizontal and vertical centralize controls is staggering. I can't even perform this single task whit this bullshit. There should be nothing more than a damn flag to centralize everything.
—Guest Mediin

CSS is a misconception

CSS has been invented by people without knowledge of design. We need relations between objects, not a patriarchal hierarchy of boxes inside boxes. Look around the Web to see all the discussions required to achive simple design goals like "vertical align sth. in the center" or "set image size so it fits between X and Y".
—Guest Ungesund

Made by dorks

CSS makes me want to bash some nerds. Proof that geeks may be intelligent but really are pretty dumb when it comes down to it.
—Guest Basher

I find it not readable at all

That is from htmldog: " css:top For absolutely positioned boxes, specifies how far from the top of the containing box (which is the first containing relatively positioned box or the page itself) the box should be. For relatively positioned boxes, specifies how far from the top a box should be shifted." so absolutely positioned boxes are positioned relative to first relatively positioned box and relatively positioned boxes have kind-of absolute positions? what the hell... i hope i will never have to work with it again
—Guest Guest Name

CSS is like groping in the dark

I'm a graphic designer and I've been designing sites since '96. I embraced css text styling when it came along because it made sense. But css positioning makes me want to hang myself from the rafters. Punching in numbers and hoping that things will line up - in all browsers? Shoot me now.
—Guest cssfriedbrains


Also, please, please, give me Variables!! and baaasic math-operators :( Verbosity: ugly!! IF you do that [ANNOYING!!] thing, that the absolute width of a div is calculated by 'width'-parameter + margin/padding, then PLEASE, at least give us variables and basic math that we don't have to recalculate everything by hand EACH time we want to change a freaking padding!!! MIND-NUMBING.
—Guest Ky

"Relative" ;(

I DO LOVE the concept of completely detaching content from design. BUT 'position: relative;'? Relative. To. What?? Yes, I know. Thing is: I don't give a Rat's Ass about where 'in the normal flow' my div is. I want to position it as I please! Wasn't that the whole idea, or what?! So why, why, why can't I specify that I want id="w" 'right-of-right-side' of id="x", id="w" 'left-of-left-side' and 'offset-top: 20px' of id="y", id="w" 'width-is-flexible-between' id="x"-and-id="y" and the conglomerate of (id="w", id="x", id="y") to be 'below-of' id="z"? or id="w" 'absolute-positioned-in' id="y", with 'makes-container-expand-height/width': true/false and 'expands-with-container-height/width': true/false What's wrong with that?? WHAT? WHAT?? IS WRONG? WITH THAT?? *breaks in tears and starts punching kittens in frustration* :'( Have a heart for the kittens!!! Greetz, Ky.
—Guest Ky

After all these years it still sucks

The idea of changing one style sheet for all web pages is great in theory. The way it been design is useless. If anyone out there is smart to design something to replace HTML/CSS for webdesign I beg you to end these austerities of programming languages (if you can call them that). So tired of hacking websites together.
—Guest Guest

CSS is fine!

The problem is the people trying to use it and the organisations not implementing CSS styling to the standard. There's no need to wrap everything in a sea of tags in order to style a page; it allows direct styling on HTML tags directly. Using tables for layout is a hack and always has been; tables are for tabular data. I find tables hard enough to look at in HTML already. Seeing a page full of cellpadding= etc is a nightmare. I'm not saying that CSS doesn't have its annoyances (like float >:/, which I avoid using at all costs ), but since CSS3 browsers are starting to conform to standards much better it has become a really powerful way to control webpage layout and appearance in a way that wasn't possible with tables. Trust me, once you get over the steep learning curve, it's fine. Btw. Here is something that may clear up a few issues for a few people: http://www.thatwebguyblog.com/post/avoiding_div_soup/
—Guest Dolchio

Can't drive a car without learning how

I have NO reasons to hate CSS - I have done my first site using FRAMES (remember?), then tables, then came CSS - with it magic and freedom. I enjoy the process: design the look, design the architecture - CSS, code, test and load. I hand code and create CSS for my static sites, use the HTML/CSS knowledge to create templates for CMS platforms, I use the same when create/propagate the site (and I cannot understand how could anybody just use a DIY program without knowing how it works. Have you looked at the source codes?) I do use a table where a table IS needed and I do use programs that take ALL the pain out of building forms or carts.

Tables worked, CSS doesn't

Could have finished this project in 1/10 the time with tables than it took with CSS. And, still, some of my table-based sites, 10 years on, are still at the top of Google and Yahoo rankings. Accessibility? Let the minority of web users pressure the W3C to come up with a browser that makes them happy! Until then, I need to get a job done, so I'm sticking with tables!
—Guest Cranes

Hate. It.

In a nutshell, it's for text! The web is no longer a textual medium; it's about graphics! I hate having to find work-arounds & jumping through hoops to get something done that's quite simple using javascript. I tried. I gave up. I moved on. That is all.
—Guest Jack

Yeah, there are a few gripes, but

CSS is overall a great language. The only problem I have is with trying to get divs to float correctly, or to use the "flexible box model". But I find that if I stick to a nice, simple design, it works in every browser. but i you try to use Webkit, IE has its period. But since IE is a shite browser that nobody uses unless they are downloading Google Chrome, I think WebKit is safe to use. CSS For the win.
—Guest anonymouse

CSS- looked great on paper

After spending nearly 8 hours today laying out a web form with a half-dozen fields, I am pretty p*ssed off at CSS. I've always done this sort of thing with tables before, and I thought I might just try to catch up with the times and use 100% CSS instead. CSS suffers from the same problems that HTML does: It makes the assumption that every document is a novel or a user's manual. You know, the kind of document with a "Header", "Footer", "Chapter Headings", "Titles", "Paragraphs", "Sections", etc. It completely ignores the fact that many of us are trying to use CSS to implement *APPLICATIONS*. Applications with GUIs that have widgets placed on a grid. It's like the W3C has never seen anything besides whitepapers and commandline apps. We need a CSS that will allow us to place things on the screen arbitrarily, float them to precise locations, align them into complex table structures, predictably. I'll use CSS for my fonts and colors, but I'm going back to tables for layout, TYVM.
—Guest android

CSS Headache

I LOVE the power and yes, the simplicity of CSS. But I hate trying to get a right hand box to stay on the right hand side. My headache but this just means I need to get better, which I plan on doing until then I will design using a template as a guide.
—Guest Paula

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Reasons to Hate CSS

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