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Readers Respond: What Makes a Great Favicon Great?

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Clarity and Colors

I found that after trying a few time to make my Favico, Clarity and Simplicity was what worked the Best. I am still working on my website, but you can see my Favico here - www.miamistitches.com


A good favicon should be relevant to the site. I.E. it should be some ICON of the site. EXAMPLES: http://www.jonathanvanatom.com/ http://riazzipr.com/ http://suntree4health.com/ http://www.pawsforparrish.org/ http://heartandsolspa.com/

My favorite favicon

This is a favicon I created for an author/consultant's site. It's my favorite one because it has a very definite literary look to it. The author's site: www.hurrylessworryless.com.
—Guest Anubhav Tagore


I have a site for collectors of slot machines, jukeboxes and casino chips. Take a look at the favicon I created @ www.coin-opcorner.com

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What Makes a Great Favicon Great?

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